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Author Topic: Jon Ben Berger - Life Is Beautiful review  (Read 1688 times)
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Jon Ben Berger - Life Is Beautiful review
« on: May 22, 2015, 03:46:30 AM »

                                                                                               Jon Ben Berger

                                                                                               Life Is Beautiful




Jon Ben Berger Discography:

Life Is Beautiful
Thank You For Living Your Life
EIQ Emotional Intelligence
Acoustic Umbrella
I Wish I Was Home
Longtoe Singer and Flowers At The Banana Stand
All For The Time To Be Young
Masterpiece in Stone
Signs Of Soul
Time Catcher
Peach Of A Time
Hourglass Mosaic Dance In Three Parts
Wake Up To The Sun Shine
This Life Is Ours
Give Me Back My Shangrila
Made It To The Mountain

Album: Life Is Beautiful
Location: Stockholm Sweden
Words composed by Jon Ben Berger
Produced by Brian Kramer
Recorded by Brian Kramer at Real Music Studio
Engineer : Per Angkvist Mixed by Per Angkvist & Brian Kramer
Mastered by PNA Andersson
Layout by Jonas Rahm, Photography by Lennart Brorsson & Bjorn Gideonsson
Butterfly Music, Rythmman Records
Except for Water Is Wide (Traditional)


Jon Ben Berger; vocals, acoustic and 12 string guitars & harmonica
Martin Sorbom; acoustic lead guitar. Bjorn Gideonsson; drums
Marten Korkman; bass, Brian Kramer; national slide guitar (track 11)

Jon Ben Berger - Life Is Beautiful track list:

1 - Life is beautiful
2 - Champion's Game
3 - Wolf Knocking
4 - Emotional Ties
5 - Painter In Paris
6 - The Water Is Wide
7 - The Rites Of Spring
8 - Blood
9 - Apples To Orchards
10 - Children From Mars
11 - Look Up To The Havens


Hold me back people! This is the Jon Ben Berger we know and love. "Life Is Beautiful", what an apropos title for this gorgeous album. This album just
might be the best one yet. Jon Ben Berger graces us with a strong, rich bounty of sounds and emotions through out the entire album. I love the groove
factor and lets face it people, no one does a blues/jazz/groove/funk meld better than Mr. Berger. His songs are a mirror to the man, "Life Is Beautiful"
is based on life experiences for Jon.

Let us first delve into Jon Ben Berger's lyrics on these songs. No surprise! When Jon puts pen to paper or fingers to fretboard, magic happens. Jon
Ben Berger is a true wordsmith. His lyrics form a rich and powerful foundation for the instrumentation and vocals to weave their magic around. Listen to
the words in each song and I guarantee you will be hooked. John Ben Berger and Martin Sorbom together, reach astonishing levels of creativity and
instrumentation on "Life Is Beautiful". Both of these gentlemen are simply breathtaking on guitars. Now add in the likes of Bjorn Gideonsson, Marten Korkman
& Brian Kramer... you have perfection right here on earth.
Instrumentation blows you out of your seat, yes it is that good. Absolutely brilliant in fact. Brian Kramer, longtime friend and excellent musician in his own
right, produced and recorded, (along with Per Angkvist), Jon Ben Berger's "Life is Beautiful" album at Real Music Studio. Jon couldn't have chosen better.
The quality of the recording is pure heaven. You can feel Jon Ben Berger's spirit and emotions through his songs. It feels up close and personal. Levels on
instrumentation verses vocals are impeccable. Brilliant work.

Suffice to say, this girl is no stranger to the sumptuous vocals of Jon Ben Berger. He has melted many a heart over the years with that rich sexy voice.
But I have to say, "Life Is Beautiful" surpasses all expectations. From the first moment I heard the title track, "Life Is Beautiful", I have not been
able to get it out of my head. It is absolutely spectacular and hands down, the best the song I have heard in several years. This entire album reeks of
success. Each song is an adventure in instrumentation and vocals. The attention to every detail, every note, is exceptionally well played.

Of course I have my favorites off the album as always.

1 - The title track "Life Is Beautiful" had my blood racing. Never were truer words spoken. The sounds of Jon Ben Berger's vocals paired with the gorgeous
rich guitars and drums, will set the hairs on your arms dancing. Delicious!

2 - Champion's Game is an upbeat song that will capture your heart. Brilliant instrumentation and vocals. Some great teachings in this one as well.

3 - Wolf Knocking will knock your socks off. This tune will rock your soul with a bluesy twist. Jon Ben Berger hits it with harmonica making a full
and robust hit. Guitars & drums shine!

4 - Look up to the Havens. Featuring Brian Kramer on National Slide Guitar! This is a song written for Richie Havens. Jon Ben Berger does homage to
Havens in an incredibly beautiful song. From the stunning lyrics to the instrumentation and back again to Jon's gorgeous vocals, this song is a winner!
Brilliant job!

5 - Emotional Ties is a sexy bluesy song that will leave you breathless. A favorite for sure!

Truth is I could go through the entire track list and tell you why I love all these songs. Simple. It's Jon Ben Berger! "Life Is Beautiful" is a
resounding success. It has something for everyone. This definitely needs to be on your "Gotta Get" list! Drop Jon Ben Berger a line on his
facebook page and hit http://www.jonbenberger.com to grab the album today. WOW! LOVE LOVE LOVE this album!
 Distribution through Plugged Records, www.plugged.se


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