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Author Topic: Tima Montemayor - In This Trance Review  (Read 1057 times)
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Tima Montemayor - In This Trance Review
« on: October 17, 2011, 12:52:10 AM »

                                   Tima Montemayor - In This Trance Review

Location: USA

Album: In This Trance

Released: 2011

Record Company: Monasera Records

Genre: Pop

Musicians who worked on this album:

Rick McComas: Producer, piano, guitars, percussion
Danny Huff: Drums, percussion
Jeffery Nelson: Bass, vocals
Fred Domulot: Acoustic guitar, drums & vocals
Bob Rafkin: Acoustic guitars
Tim McComas: Bass
Chuck McComas: Guitars
JK Northrup: Electric guitar
Geoff Tyson: Electric guitar
Hugo: Acoustic guitar

In This Trance Track Listing:
 1 - In This Trance
 2 - Forgive Me
 3 - Darling Bad
 4 - Feels Like
 5 - She's So Lonely
 6 - Enter The Trance
 7 - Beautiful Lie
 8 - Still In Love
 9 - Trapped
10 - Inside These Walls

"In This Trance",  is Tima Montemayor's 3rd release and what a success it
is. "In This Trance" shows us the evolution of this stunning artist.
With each album Tima grows and stretches her talent. She takes us on
new and glorious adventures through well thought out lyrics. Tima's
vocals are simply brilliant on each of these tracks. This entire album
is exceptionally well put together. Tima Montemayor, is a songstress
who can capture your heart in a flat second. She has outdone herself
with this album.

The instrumentation for "In This Trance" is tight and well laid out. There
are some fine musicians working on this album, setting the stage
beautifully for Tima Montemayor's extra ordinary vocals which are
enticing and hypnotic. This lady can do anything she sets her mind to.
Talented and fearless what a great combination.

Orchestration is brilliant, as is the recording, mixing, mastering and
engineering. I respect the experience and talent it takes to resist
the urge to over produce. "In This Trance" album has been exceptionally
done, I must say. Tima Montemayor simply shines throughout this entire
album. And that is after all, what we set out to do.

The three tracks I have set aside are:

1 - She's so Lonely :
 This is a gorgeous ballad which starts out with a glorious guitar
strumming, then blooms into a full bodied haunting song. Tima nailed
the vocals on this wowing us with her soft sensuous side. The harmonies are
beautiful. What instrumentation! Spectacular.

2 - Feels Like:
 This song is yet another success. The songwriting is exceptional,
allowing us to feel and hear the story and emotions wrapped up in the
beautiful song. Tima's vocals are brilliant! Instrumentation is fresh,
tight and beautifully arranged.

3 - Forgive Me:
 This song shot straight to my heart. Tima has done a magnificent
job on vocals. The lyrics are spectacular. Written from a place deep
inside, no small effort. The instrumentation support she has on this
track will blow you away. Clearly one the best songs this year.

As you can clearly see, Tima Montemayor's latest album called "In This
Trance", is a huge success. Musically and lyrically, not the same as
everyone else's. It's new, unique, fresh and very well done. Tima
Montemayor has a vocal style that is hauntingly beautiful. This woman
is going places. Stunning effort on this album. Grab the album today.

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Re: Tima Montemayor - In This Trance Review
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2011, 07:32:02 PM »

How awesome to have Tima Montemayor join the family at Indie Showcase.  She has been my friend for over 5 years and truly is a most gifted artists.  Beautiful on the outside but twice as beautiful inside.

Have all of her CD's and so Love her music.  I know that she will have a awesome show in the near future on Indie Showcase and I'll certainly be in the chatroom as I respect & Love her!

I'll need my drool bucket & apron!

John Breckenridge
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