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Author Topic: John Roy Zat - Who Zat? Review  (Read 1750 times)
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John Roy Zat - Who Zat? Review
« on: May 21, 2015, 07:08:58 PM »

                                                                                                 John Roy Zat
                                                                                   Album - John Roy Zat - Who Zat?


Album : John Roy Zat - Who Zat?
Released : 2015
Genre : Folk, Americana Singer-Songwriter
Location : California, USA
Discography : Collaborations 2011 & John Roy Zat Solo 2011

Who Zat? track list :
 1 - Gasoline & Guitar Strings
 2 - Going For A Ride (feat. Dorcas Moulton, Brian Fullen & Patty Hammond)
 3 - I Got A Devil In Me (feat. Patty Hammond & Brian Fullen)
 4 - Cluck Old Hen (feat. Michael Hanna, Patty Hammond & Dorcas Moulton)
 5 - A Promise and A Rose (feat. Aireene Espiritu)
 6 - Back To The Mountains (feat. Kevin Harris)
 7 - I Hate The Work (Patty Hammond & Brian Fullen)
 8 - Fake It Till You Make It (feat. Kevin Harris & Brian Fullen)
 9 - Church Going Man (feat. Michael Hanna, Kevin Harris & Brian Fullen)
10 - Waiting For Time

John Roy Zat is an accomplished, polished singer-songwriter and musician, who wows audiences far and wide. He has mastered the fiddle and guitar in such
a way that it simply takes your breath away. With two previous successful albums under his belt, we were waiting with baited breath for "Who Zat?" from John Roy Zat.
For those of us who have met this lovely man, the title is perfect. His sense of humor and his outlook on life shines through this entire album.

Upon listening to "Who Zat?," you are immediately drawn to his haunting stories. His lyrics are so beautifully thought out and delivered, you will be swept
away. His gorgeous vocals and sense of timing are impeccable. John Roy Zat sings these songs with ease, bringing out smiles and causing the body to sway,
tap along and yes, even burst out in song a time or two while you are listening. How delightful to hear John Roy sing and harmonize with Aireene Espiritu on "A Promise
and A Rose." Simply gorgeous. This album has it all. Ballads that are so beautiful they raise the hair on your arms; toe tappers and clap alongs all in one album.
So typical for John Roy Zat; so generous. The one thing I love most about John Roy Zat's songs is that we can all relate to them. Make them our own. Now, that
takes talent.

Lets not forget the incredible instrumentation that comes along with these fantastic lyrics. John Roy Zat is no stranger to some fine pickin' on guitar as well
making that fiddle of his sing. He is spectacular on this album to be sure. Not only has he nailed the instrumentation on "Who Zat?," but he attracted some of
musics' finest to join him on this album. The recording for this album is brilliant. So smooth, so precise, so professional; you have to really appreciate this level
of engineering and recording. I love it when I can hear what the Artist wants me to hear. Well done. Together, they put "Who Zat?" on this years "Gotta Get" list.

There is no possible way I can choose my typical "best 3" off of John Roy Zat's "Who Zat?" album. I loved them all. But I am a true fan of folk / Americana from the
60's & 70's. This album crosses the t's and dots all the i's for me. But I have to say, I can see the twinkle in John Roy Zat's eyes when he sings "I Got a Devil In Me."
Loved this one! "Fake It Till You Make It" had me tapping my toes and grinning like a crazy person alone in my office. "A Promise and A Rose" took my breath away.
"Gasoline & Guitar Strings" made me nod my head and think that is true. But John, oh John... "Waiting For Time" broke my heart. Simply spectacular!
As you can see, John Roy Zat captured my imagination, spirit and love of truly great music. "Who Zat?" is a great value. You need to be getting yourself a little
of "Zat" in your life. Go grab John Roy Zat - "Who Zat?" today!

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