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Author Topic: John Zipperer - Full Circle review  (Read 643 times)
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John Zipperer - Full Circle review
« on: August 16, 2014, 11:38:54 PM »

                                                             John Zipperer

Album: Full Circle
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Album Release Date: 2014
Genre: Americana

1. Sailing Away
2. Full Circle
3. Brown Eyed Girl
4. Like Being With You
5. Never Really There (Snow White)
6. Going Downtown
7. Not Love
8. The Ballad Of Micah McDowde
9. Sing With Me
10. Here By Me
11. Cool Breeze
12. Know Who You Love
13. To The River

Producer: Nick Kirgo
Engineer: Nick Kirgo
Recording Studio: Disarry Studios

                                             John Zipperer - Full Circle

John Zipperer's "Full Circle" album is simply brilliant. 13 tracks that are filled with stunning harmonies, strong
lyric structures, exceptional instrumentation, and vocals that melt your heart. What a delightful surprise!
"Full Circle," boys and girls, will have you on a journey of pure joy. I was chair dancing one minute and soulful the next. Exactly how you want your listener to react.

The level of professional recording, producing and engineering is top notch, leaving John Zipperer's gorgeous voice to shine through. I am and will always be blown away at the harmonizing skills on this album.  John Zipperer, nails harmonies in a way that seals the deal for "Full Circle." John Zipperer, "the quiet genius of song," leads the way with his strong, sexy vocals. Each song on "Full Circle" depicts a piece of himself, and his life's journey. May I just say that the caliber of the musicians spinning their magic through their instruments is remarkable. Each musician bringing exceptional talent to the plate, which then is translated to pure joy on John Zipperer's "Full Circle."

The best thing about "Full Circle" is the fun, laughter and joy that John Zipperer brings through via the recording process. The listener becomes a part of each lyric, each song. Totally invested. One is transported to another place, another time, through well constructed lyrics. John Zipperer's "Full Circle" takes you on the ride of your life. The listener relates to each song from their own experiences. So hard to accomplish; but easy if you are in the "Zipperer Zone." Well done!

Look, there are so many favorite tracks on this album, I am having a difficult time choosing just three. But, here goes:

1 - Like Being With You
This upbeat song will have you chair dancing in a New York minute. I defy anyone to listen without tapping some part of their extremities! Great lyrics and Instrumentation. John Zipperer rocks the vocals! What a pleasure to hear. Exceptional back up vocals. Love it!

2 - Never Really There (Snow White)
John Zipperer nails the vocals on "Never Really There". This heartfelt song is mesmerizing. John's heart is on his sleeve as he sings each word. Simply a glorious success. Breathtaking instrumentation and harmonizing that stops you in your tracks.

3 - Full Circle
"Full Circle" is an upbeat song about life's ups and downs. John Zipperer looks at the journey during our lives by standing back and seeing the full picture. It is a song about promise and hope. The lyrics are impressive along with the harmonies. Strong Instrumentation. John Zipperer's gorgeous Vocals make "Full Circle" a song to remember!

Honorable mentions goes to:

Going Downtown - Such a tasty blues groove. These lyrics are sweet! John Zipperer's Vocals will melt your heart. Close your eyes and be swept away by some of the finest instrumentation anywhere. Babies, prepare to sway that head. Yummy!

Sailing Away - This is no surprise for anyone who has heard "Sailing Away." John Zipperer owns this song! His Vocals shine like diamonds through water. I love the groove presented with Doug Lacey's steel drum. This is a feel good lyric and melody that will leave you smiling. Simple, yet complicated instrumentation make "Sailing Away" a winner. Such magnificent harmonies. A sure favorite.

As I said previously, I had a difficult time choosing just three favorite tracks from John Zipperer - "Full Circle." In truth, I love the entire album. It is not often when I hear an album that holds my attention on every single song. "Full Circle" does it for me. If ever you have a chance to see John Zipperer live on stage, beat a trail to the ticket counter. John is simply exceptional.

Add John Zipperer - "Full Circle" to your musical libraries and be amazed! Exceptional Album!

Check out John Zipperer's music here: ,

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