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  • OVERNIGHT SENSATION Interview : May 02, 2013
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Author Topic: Artist's Corner: OVERNIGHT SENSATION  (Read 107 times)
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« on: April 13, 2013, 01:30:19 PM »

This Thursday don't forget the interview at OVERNIGHT SENSATION, a band from Mantova (italy), released their album call "Climb to nothing's Road"

Overnight Sensation are:

Matteo Manfrin: Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Pietro Bitasi: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Alessandro Baraldi: Bass & back vocals
Andrea Spontoni: Keyboards & back vocals
Matteo Fornasari: Drum & percussions

Times zone hour:

Thursday May 2 @ 9:00 PM GMT+1 Europe
Friday May 3 @ 7:00 AM EDT Sydney, Australia
Thursday May 2 @ 8:00 PM GMT London (United Kingdom - England)
Thursday May 2 @ 1.00 PM MST Calgary (Canada - Alberta)
Friday May 3 @ 9.00 AM NZDT Wellington (New Zealand)
Thursday May 2 @ 3:00 PM EST New York (U.S.A. - New York)
Thursday May 2 @ 12.00 AM PST Los Angeles (U.S.A. - California)
Thursday May 2 @ 10.00 PM SAST Cape Town (South Africa)
Thursday May 2 @ 2.00 PM CST Nashville (U.S.A. - Tennessee)
Thursday May 2 @ 3.00 PM EST Toronto (Canada - Ontario)
Friday May 3 @ 5.00 AM JST Tokyo (Japan)
Thursday May 2 @ 10.00 AM HAST Honolulu (U.S.A. - Hawaii)
Thursday May 2 @ 2.00 PM CST Dallas (U.S.A - Texas)

The Overnight Sensation born in March 2008 with the intention of offering classic cover bands most popular, giving way on stage even to their own songs. The influences of the band bases its initial repertoire mainly Hard'n'Heavy 80s, with many openings to the classic heavy metal and glam metal. The band will consist of Matthew Manfrin (guitars), David "Lucio" Casali (guitars and keyboards), Hilary Pasquali (drums) and Cristian Soncini (bass).
After a few concerts, the role of internal problems singer will be occupied by Matthew which you devote to this dual role until the present day.
In September 2008 the band decided to record and publish their first demo, containing three pieces, called BEYOND THIS MIND. In the demo, released in March 2009, are presented three songs, still present today on the double-disc debut, of course recur in new versions and WHO? YOU?, SHOT TO MY FACE TO STAB MY HEART, and CONTEMPLATION. The first two tracks are pure Hard Rock 80s with great melodic, while the third track is the first of many tracks introspective and intimate that the band will propose from here in the future.
The demo will bring great satisfaction to the band, as they will be sold in most of the totality of its copies (about 300), will be reviewed in the pages of the international magazine Metal Hammer, presented in local newspapers with interviews and assessments, but also lead to the two band big chance. The Overnight Sensation fact, in May 2009 are selected to participate in the tenth edition of the historic music festival Mantua "ENERGY ROCK" (now Steel Italian Festival) alongside established band here enjoying great acclaim, but the greatest satisfaction for the band will be the following summer: the band will participate in a great contest in the preliminary stages to participate in the great national festival MUSIC VILLAGE contact with each band representing a city in Italy and the record companies / labels that are more representative. The group manages to win the selections appearing as one band representing the city of Mantua. The festival took place in the city of Catanzaro in Calabria, where the band had the opportunity to "crash" and deal with various proposals rock from all over Italy on one big stage and attend lectures and courses held by record companies.
Return to the band, including hosted on several radio broadcasts, interviews local concerts and festivals, continues to write their own songs, these small satisfactions and this increasing desire to do something big, forcing the band to try to follow a dream until then impossible and unthinkable: to produce an album proper, professional in all respects. In the meantime, some changes occur in the band line-up: in fact, with the release of Cristian Soncini, David "Lucio" Casali will take his place on bass, Simon Pelagatti become the new lead guitarist since the displacement of David and Stephen Beltramini take the place of Henry Varini who replaced Hilary Pasquali on drums in 2009. The inputs of Simon and Stephen in training will bring new proposals and new ideas to the band, which will be essential for the working disk.
With this line (the longest and firm from the birth of the band), the group begins a long and challenging work of design and composition of what in effect become their first album in April 2011 it began the recording of "CLIMB to NOTHING'S ROAD ".
The disc will appear as a double album very thoughtful and introspective, based on a basic concept written and designed by Matteo The key themes of hard touching spheres are related to life, today's world with all its contradictions and all its downsides, however, also presenting all the roads that lead to salvation, which lead to a shelter from all this, a kind of solution to a redemption that seems like a mirage. The disk as mentioned above has been divided into two CDs, and rational choice desired, given the willingness of the band to split the concept proposed as a kind of great book, great movie divided in two acts. The first act is a total descent towards any form of negativity that life and the modern world may, while the second act is the rebirth, creating their own world within this world, away from all that can lead to non-life. Every song of both pieces is presented as a separate chapter of a great book, it will be accompanied by intro and outro just to give the feeling of a unique sink into. The album is really very diverse and has many kinds of styles and proposals touching the Hard Rock classic, classic heavy metal, glam 80's ballad intimate, long suites and some influence of thrash and melodic death. For the realization of the disc, the focus was also very much on graphics, on the careful selection of each image and on a meticulous work of the whole art work, produced by good designer Leonardo Bigi, which was able to transpose in the graphic ideas and concepts of Matthew.
In December 2012, the lineup of the band changed. For diversity of objectives, Matthew is the only original member of the group, being joined by Peter Bitasi on lead guitar, Alessandro Baraldi on bass and vocals, and Matthew Fornasari the battery. After several great reviews from publications in the sector, good sales and selections won for national festivals, the new training begins in January 2013 so intense promotion of the album ... published in 'April 2013, the training is extended to 5 elements, with the input of composer-keyboardist and vocalist Andrea Spontoni, thus expanding the possibilities for study and the proposal by the band ...

official band profile on facebook:

official canal you tube:

canal on reverbnation:

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