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Author Topic: Rebecca Loebe - Circus Heart review  (Read 93 times)
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Rebecca Loebe - Circus Heart review
« on: April 11, 2013, 01:54:48 AM »


                                                                                            Rebecca Loebe - Circus Heart review
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Location: Atlanta Georgia USA
Genre: Post Brontosaurus indie folk/crunk Alt Pop

Hey It's A Lonely World - 2004
The Brooklyn Series - 2007
Mystery Prize - 2010

Rebecca Loebe
Album: Circus Heart

Released: 2012
Aerie Studios, Austin Texas USA
Engineer: Mark Addison
Produced by: Matt The Electrician MTE

Lyrics written by - Rebecca Loebe
Rebecca Loebe - lead vocals, back vocals, guitar

Circus Heart Track List:
 1 - Darlin
 2 - Circus Heart
 3 - Swallowed By The Sea
 4 - High & Lonesome
 5 - Georgia
 6 - The Chicago Kid
 7 - Bad Reputation
 8 - Mercy
 9 - I will Wait
10 - Vagabond Prayer

Atlanta Georgia based, Rebecca Loebe released her fourth album in 2012 much to the delight of her loyal and steadfast fans worldwide. "Circus Heart" shows Rebecca Loebe's
exceptional talent at songwriting in the most spectacular way. Her ability to make her songs breathe with truth and emotion is simply breathtaking. Rebecca Loebe is changing
the face of "genre" boxing and blowing it out the window. Not folk, not pop, not alt, not crunk, but all mixed in together, bringing us a glowing succession of brilliant songs all
on one album.

Rebecca Loebe has a unique vocal style that leaves you craving more and more. Sexy, sultry and hypnotizing, Rebecca Loebe has got something for everyone, no matter your
taste. This lady can bring the world to a halt with her superb voice and exceptional writing style. "Circus Heart" has all the ear markings of one of those albums you will be still
listening to years from now. Rebecca Loebe shines throughout "Circus Heart." Each track brings you deeper into Rebecca's world and rejoices in the journey. Rebecca Loebe has
been blessed with her vocal gift and uses it with great proficiency. Each track on "Circus Heart" shows the strength and control Rebecca has over this brilliant vocal instrument.
She has raised the bar for all songwriters with each of these superbly written songs. 10 delicious tracks to devour post haste! She is definitely the lady to watch as she evolves
and grows in the years to come, but I can't imagine how much more she can improve on this fantastic album.

The Production and Engineering is exceptional on "Circus Heart." Recording is blissfully pure and smooth leaving Rebecca Loebe shining. I loved the orchestration and instrumentation.
Simple, yet complex and flowing, giving Rebecca a strong platform to do what she does best. Brilliance is not hard to find on "Circus Heart." One only need to press play.

The three tracks that I fell for are:
1 - Georgia
What a magnificent song. Rebecca Loebe simply blew me away with this track. Her voice like honey, her strong lyrics are gorgeous. Georgia never sounded so good. Sexy,
soothing and exceptional. Rebecca nailed this song. Such fine instrumentation presented Rebecca Loebe the opportunity to shine brilliantly.

2 - Darlin
Now this song touched me. Brilliant vocals married with fabulous instrumentation makes this song a winner. It has a blues feel that Rebecca owns with that beautiful voice of
hers. Sultry is written all over this song. Such style and grace. wonderful.

3 - Bad Reputation
Bad Reputation is harder hitting than the other tracks on Circus Heart. It is an upbeat song with a catchy lyric. This song will make you smile. No way can you hear this song
 without tapping along or even humming. The instrumentation is fantastic as always. You have to love this girl; Rebecca Loebe is fearless. What a great song!!

**** Mercy has to be my all time favorite Rebecca Loebe song. This track reaches deep inside and grabs you hard. Very well written and presented, with exceptional instrumentation.
 The recording levels are perfection. Rebecca Loebe's vocal is so pure. Excellent song!

As you can see, this reviewer loves Rebecca Loebe. Her work on "Circus Heart" is one for the books and will be loved by all. This album is a must for your music libraries.
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