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Author Topic: James Kahn - A Man Walks Into A Bar review  (Read 184 times)
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James Kahn - A Man Walks Into A Bar review
« on: April 10, 2013, 10:24:28 PM »


                                                                                           James Kahn - Man Walks Into A Bar

Location: Santa Barbara, California USA
Genre: Folk, Folk Blues
Released: 2012

James Kahn Discography:
Waterline - 2011
Man Walks Into A Bar - 2012

James Kahn - Writer, Producer, Lead Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist.
Writer-producer of Star Trek: Voyager and Melrose Place, novelist, novelizer of Return of the Jedi, The Goonies, and more, feature film producer and part-time doc.

Musicians who worked on some of the tracks on "Man Walks Into A Bar" album:
As per James Kahn.

Kate Wallace - Longtime Nashville recording artist, mentored James into producing his first CD, sings backup vocals on several tracks

David West - Founder and longtime banjo/mando player with the Cache Valley Drifters, played with Kate Wolf, as well as playing backup guitar, mando, banjo, and vocals on all tracks

Matt Rollings - Phenomenal keyboardist, has played extensively with Lyle Lovitt, Eric Clapton, many others

Gabe Wticher - Extraordinary violinst, played with Nickel Creek, now with Punch Brothers, on the latest Paul Simon album

John McFee - Incredible pedal steel, one of the Doobie Brothers

Brian Mann - Keyboardist, poignant accordion, worked and toured with Kenny Loggins for many years

Jon Crosse - Paul Anka's musical director, plays amazing sax, clarinet and trumpet on several tracks, most notably "Dolores Quits Dancing" and "Light Blue"

Tom Lackner - Beautifully nuanced drummer and philosopher, now playing with Jeff Bridges' touring band

Bob Nichols - Great So-Cal drummer, has played with Loggins and Messina, Chris Hillman (Flying Burrito Brothers, Desert Rose Band),and Marley's Ghost

Gee Rabe - Accordion diva, also a great steel drum player (on James' next CD)

Neal Graffy - Plays a mean kazoo on "E Clampus Vitus," he's also a Noble Grand Humbug in that esteemed Order.

Tom Ball - Internationally renowned blues harmonicat has played with Jimmy Buffet, Alan Jackson, and does a regular gig with blues guitarist Kenny Sultan at the Cold Springs Tavern.

Man Walks Into A Bar track list:
 1 - Prelude
 2 - Mother Of All Bars
 3 - Delores Quits Dancing
 4 - Danny's Three Wishes
 5 - E Clampus Vitus
 6 - Through a Glass Darkly (old Drunk Tom)
 7 - Light Blue (Waley's Song)
 8 - My Declaration Of Independence From You (Rick's Lament)
 9 - Invisible Blue Girl (Madison's Tale)
10 - The Bartender (Ode To Dinah)
11 - Wrongside Bob
12 - Great Trains Of Hell
13 - After The Fire
14 - Coda

James Kahn, one of Americas foremost storytellers, writer/novelists, songwriters, singer and guitarists has set the world on it's ear with his achievements over the years. Achievements like writing novelizations of "The Return of the Jedi" and "Goonies," then working on television projects such as "Melrose Place" and "Star Trek." Not to mention writing the novelization of "Poltergeist" for Steven Speilberg whom employed him to do the novelation after reading James Kahns novel "World Enough and Time.". But few know that he is also an accomplished man of medicine. As a Doctor of Emergency department, he excelled and gained even more life experience to add to his already huge life portfolio. But, let me tell you something else that will blow your minds. Mr. James Kahn can hold his own in the music world as well. With the release of his album, "Man Walks Into A Bar," James knocks one out of the park with strong lyrics built like an addicting novel. Written like only James Kahn could, this album takes us through the experience of a night in a bar, the night Delores dances for the last time. Each of the 14 songs takes you on this journey through the characters in the bar. I tell you, this reviewer heard this album, and felt this album and saw this album in its entirety, through James' well placed lyric and vocal style. This felt like the real maccoy, a movie within an album. Completely addicting. Who knew!

James Kahn has a vocal style that warms the heart and demands attention. He has a storyteller's heart and soul which shines through every track on "Man Walks Into A Bar." James Kahn is 100% committed to the lyrics, therefore, his vocal takes on the ability to draw the listener in like a fly to honey. Exceptionally well presented. The instrumentation and orchestration is of course top notch, matched by the exceptional recording quality. The production of the entire album is an artists dream and a listeners pleasure. I was completely taken with the back vocals and harmonizations on the album, especially on the track called "Light Blue." The use of a horn section sets this album into another realm of greatness and ties it up with a bright blue bow. What a gift!

The three tracks I have set aside from the album are:
1 - Delores Quits Dancing
The obvious is the delicious story line. These lyrics are tremendous works of genius. James Kahn of course nails the vocals beautifully, with strength and a narrative's heart. It is a catchy and addictive song that will stay with you long after the track is finished playing. The Instrumentation is out of this world good. You are going to love the horn section that seals the deal. A jazzy sexy feel that will bring you to your knees. Brilliant!!

2 - Danny's Three Wishes
The violin opens this delicious song. James Kahn's rich vocals hypnotizes as he spins this beautiful tale of love with finesse. This song will win your heart and have you sitting on the edge of your seat as the story unfolds. James Kahn is simply magnetic in his presentation of this tale. The instrumentation on "Danny's Three Wishes" is exceptional, making this song a sure favorite.

3 - Light Blue (Woley's Song)
My god, James Kahn will have you closing your eyes and swaying along with this song. Fabulous lyrics bring you a tale to die for. Fantastic work on the horn section will bring a tear to your eyes. The instrumentation as a whole is simply astonishing. I could see the brush hit the drum, it was that clear. This jazzy, blues number is a perfect fit for James Kahn's sexy smooth vocal style and made even better by the sultry sound of Kate Wallace on background vocals. Man, I love, love love this one.

I think you can see that this reviewer is completely won over by James Kahn - Man Walks Into A Bar. To me, nothing compares or even has a hope in hell of impressing me to this level if you can't match the level of expertise on vocals, instrumentation, recording quality and lyrics. Many can acheive one or two, but far fewer can tick all the boxes. James Kahn is one of those very few. From his mind he brings a clear, imaginative, concise and original story line that sweeps you away for the length of the album. But also backs it up with a gorgeous singing voice and instrumentation muso's around the world would kill for. Everything about this album, "Man Walks Into A Bar" spells perfection for me. A brilliant example of how it is supposed to be. Fantastic job!!!

If you have't heard James Kahn - Man Walks Into A Bar, lordy! Grab your album now! will hook you up! Or Cd Baby, or itunes. However you love
to get your music, this album is a priority for your music library. Fabulous Babies!
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