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Author Topic: Fiddle Whamdiddle - Old School Old Time review  (Read 260 times)
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Fiddle Whamdiddle - Old School Old Time review
« on: February 27, 2013, 09:17:01 PM »


                                                                                  Fiddle Whamdiddle - Old School Old Time

Official Websites:
Purchase at: cdbaby.com, efolkmusic.org, steveeulberg.com, amazon.com, iTunes and more.

Location: Fort Collins, CO. USA
Genre: Americana, Celtic, Old Time

Album: Old School Old Time 2012

Fiddle Whamdiddle Band Members:
Steve Eulberg - Dulcimers
Vi Wickam - Fiddle

Old School Old Time Track List:
 1 - Sandy Boys
 2 - Liberty
 3 - Blacktail Weasel
 4 - Ragtime Annie
 5 - Miss McLeod's Reel
 6 - Peekaboo Waltz
 7 - Spider Bit The Baby
 8 - St. Anne's Reel
 9 - Barlow Knife
10 - Spotted Pony
11 - Higgedy Jig
12 - Fishers Hornpipe
13 - Versuvienne
14 - Golden Slippers
15 - Boil `Em Cabbage Down

Fiddle Whamdiddle has exploded onto the Old Time Fiddle & Dulcimer scene with their brilliant new release called "Fiddle Whamdiddle - Old School Old time" Album. What a great
album to experience this dynamic duo together. Vi Wickam and Steve Eulberg make up "Fiddle Whamdiddle." Let me first share a little of their bio with you.

Vi Wickam is well known in "Fiddle" Circles and is a 3rd generation Fiddle/Violin musician. Vi Wickam, twice the Colorado State fiddling champion and a 4-time finalist in the Grand Masters’ Fiddler Contest. Vi has acheived so much since playing in his family band "The Wickam Family Band", who performed regularly on Blinky's Fun Club," a Nationally Syndicated TV Show. He is a master of the Fiddle and has received several awards for his exceptional work. Vi has also recently served as a judge at the National Old-Time Fiddlers Contest in Weiser, ID.

The other half of this brilliant duo, playing Hammered Dulcimer is of course, Mr. Steve Eulberg. Steve has captured the hearts of listeners globally with his earlier Album released in 2007, called "A Piece Of It All." His expertise on Dulcimer is easily recognizable, his fingers fly across those strings with pure perfection. Steve is a five-time National Winner in Mountain Dulcimer and a three-time National Finalist for Hammered Dulcimer, in addition to other honors. Steve has won prizes in the Walnut Valley Flatpicking Festival, in Winfield, KS and has also been a featured performer there. An award-winning, multi-instrumentalist, with an eye for perfection, Steve Eulberg has mastered the treasured Dulcimer, fretted and hammered and ukulele. Steve has 15 albums under his belt including "Old School Old Time" and he hasn't even started yet.

As you can see from this portion of each man's biography's, both Vi Wickam and Steve Eulberg have the expertise and experience to do justice to an entire album dedicated to the Fiddle and the Hammered & Mountain Dulcimer. When you hear the purity of bow work on Fiddle that Vi exhibits throughout this album, you will understand why people are talking about this man's superb style. I heard about Vi long before I had the opportunity to actually hear him play, and trust me, I am not disappointed in what I heard. This entire album could be used in teaching up-and-coming Fiddle want-to-be's. Vi Wickam is definitely one of the best out there and has pulled out all stops on each track. The level reached by Vi Wickam on the Fiddle is outstanding and refreshing.

Steve Eulberg has certainly not disappointed his loyal fans with his Hammered & Mountain Dulcimers. What fine picking!!. His sound and timing is once again perfection. Is there nothing Steve can't achieve? The richness of tone achieved on Steve's beloved Dulcimers portrays his deep love of this fine instrument. Steve Eulberg carries these fine traditions in music with pride and expertise.

Traditional Folk Music never sounded so good. They have chosen 15 of the finest Old Time tunes known to man. They have even slipped in original songs that will both impress you and induce fits of toe tapping and/or foot stomping throughout "Old School Old Time". This is an energetic mix that is as addictive as it is fun. Beautifully produced and mixed, Fiddle Whamdiddle is about to win you over. "Fiddle Whamdiddle - Old School Old Time" reminds us just how sensational Old Time music can be. This album will bring a smile to your lips and a song to your heart. It has taken "Instrumental" albums in a whole new direction. One I would like to hear more of.

If you haven't heard "Fiddle Whamdiddle - Old School, Old Time" yet, be brave, it is brilliant! Start a revolution on your block and spread the word. Fiddle Whamdiddle is in town and can be found at http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/FiddleWhamdiddleSteveEulbergVI . I think I would like to learn to play a Fiddle or a Dulcimer now ... who knew!!??

Note from Steve & Vi: I know your saying to yourself "I know what a fiddle is but what is a whamdiddle?" The whamdiddle is a slang name for the hammered dulcimer; "hog fiddle" is a slang name for the mountain dulcimer, both are traditional American folk instruments. Together with the fiddle they make for a porch-picking, knee-slapping good time.

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