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Author Topic: The Koles review  (Read 304 times)
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The Koles review
« on: November 27, 2012, 08:21:28 PM »


                                                                The Koles

Official Websites:
www.cdbaby.com/Search/YXJsZW5lIGtvbGU%3d/0, www.arlenekole.com/Store.html,

Location: Los Angeles, California USA
Genre: Folk, Pop, Bluegrass, Country

Recorded: Mission Control Productions, Mission Hills, CA.
Song Selections from 2 Albums
Odds & Ends 2012
One Day         2008

Musicians who worked on Song Selections:

Arlene Kole- Guitar, Mando, lead & backing vocals
Bill Kole - guitar, banjo, bass, drums, lead and backing vocals
Jim Rolfe - bass, guitar, backing vocals
Wyatt Stone - guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, backing vocals
Skyeler Kole - piano, backing vocals
Gabe Witcher - fiddle
Joel Simmons - piano
Brandy Kole - backing vocals

Graphics front and back covers: Bill Kole

Song Selections:
 1 - The Koles - One Day - 16
 2 - Arlene Kole - One Day - I'm Leavin' (Clean)
 3 - The Koles - One Day - One Day
 4 - The Koles - One Day - Skin Deep
 5 - Arlene Kole - One Day - I'm Leavin'
 6 - The Koles - Odds & Ends - Take Me Back
 7 - The Koles - Odds & Ends - Norwegian Wood
 8 - The Koles - Odds & Ends - Lucid And Dreaming
 9 - The Koles - Odds & Ends - She's Leaving Home
10 - The Koles - Odds & Ends - Get Back What You Give
11 - The Koles - Odds & Ends - With The Snap Of A Finger
12 - The Koles - Odds & Ends - Old Man
13 - The Koles - Odds & Ends - Power Of Love
14 - The Koles - Odds & Ends - Time's Up (Kathleen's Song)

I have in front of me 14 tracks selected from two albums by The Koles. One called "One Day" released in 2008 and one called "Odd & Ends" released in  2012. The Koles are made up of the madly talented Arlene Kole and Bill Kole. These two are invested 100% in their music and it certainly shows.

They hale from Los Angeles, California USA. The City of Angels, how appropriate for Arlene and Bill to live there. I have been an avid follower of this duo since the moment I first heard their work. The Koles are one of those rare gems that come our way every now and then. They leave such a huge mark on all who hear them, that they become loyal followers for life. They have the ability and talent to put forward exceptional folk and pop songs but can also rock our worlds just as easily. They have a laid back style that easily translates onto CD. Don't be fooled, this couple are living dynamo's. They can crank it up old school as quick as the wink of an eye.

The Koles have high standards for their music and realize these songs become a part of their history. This is one the things I love The Koles for. They not only meet and exceed any expectations on strong lyric construction but have put forward exceptional vocals. As on all The Koles work, these song selections are examples of stellar orchestration and instrumentation. Many will say Arlene Kole's vocal style will leave the most cynical of listeners breathless and needing more. Bill Kole nails vocals as well, what a team. The Koles are fearless and willing to stretch and grow at every turn. It is because of this they can put out, time and time again, music that listeners gravitate to. The Koles are addictive to be certain.

I want to point out the spectacular orchestration and instrumentation on these tracks. This writer was gob smacked to see that Arlene Kole played both guitar and mandolin, such a talented lady. Bill Kole really kicks it up a notch with guitar, banjo, bass and drums. Is there anything these two cannot attain? Not on these tracks! All the musicians who worked on these tracks have done a spectacular job indeed.

This is an assortment of tracks across two albums, "One Day" - 2008 and "Odd's & Ends" - 2012. It is clearly evident that the level of expertise shown in the recording, producing and engineering of these tracks was a priority. The Koles exceptional vocals are pure and precise, giving you the feeling you are there with them live. Yet, they sound perfect. Very well done on the mixing and mastering. This is one duo you don't mess with, perfection is hard to beat in my opinion.

The three tracks that turned my head (and trust me this was a hard job) were:

1 - The Koles - I'm leavin' - One Day Album 2008
There isn't anything about this song that I don't absolutely love. Arlene Kole pushes her gorgeous vocals in new directions and kicks this song up a notch! Lordy, listen to that fiddle, mando and banjo! The Koles have fused country and pop then sealed it with an upbeat vibe that holds the listener hostage! The lyrics are excellent! Unexpected and brilliant indeed!

2 - The Koles - Take Me Back - Odds & Ends Album 2012
This song showcases Arlene Kole's strong vocal style in a stunning way. The lyric and song construction are exceptional. This is a moving and laid back beat inciting an immediate sway. Once again instrumentation is spot on, framing Arlene's superb work on vocals. The instrumentation is impeccable. This is a beautifully put together song

3 - The Koles - Get Back What You Give - Odds & Ends Album 2012
Babies, Bill Kole shows us his brilliant vocal style in this song. Bill Kole incites goose pimples and sharp intakes of breath, what a gorgeous voice! Arlene Kole showcases Bills lead vocal with exceptional harmonies. This is the power couple!! Great song, great lyrics that The Koles make shine. The orchestration and instrumentation are brilliant.

Honorable Mention goes to:
The Koles - Time's Up - Odds & Ends 2012
This is a gorgeous song Bill Kole wrote for his Grandmother, who passed away at 101. The vocals and harmonies will send chills up your arms and bring tears to your eyes. Brilliant lyrics with a strong hook bring the listener to "The Koles Zone" for life. Exceptional instrumentation and percussion! Love it!

The Koles - Old Man  - Odds & Ends 2012
This song is a favorite with 98% of the population already. The Koles have breathed new life into this track, making it new, fresh and exceptionally well done. Dare I say it... I like The Koles version of this song better than the original!  As always, The Koles nail the vocals and have you singing and tapping along in a New York minute! The instrumentation is beyond good. The Koles raise the bar!!

As you can see, The Koles have made an impression with this writer. This is an honest and experienced talent that is pure joy to hear. We have given you just a snippet from two albums so you can get a peek at some of The Koles fine work. The Koles have only just begun, watch with me as they evolve and grow. Support The Koles by seeing them perform live or buy an album. Hey you can even call your local radio stations and request The Koles. This is one band to treasure and nurture. Such talent is inspiring. Exceptional!!

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