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Author Topic: Jon Ben Berger - EIQ Emotional Intelligence review  (Read 576 times)
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Jon Ben Berger - EIQ Emotional Intelligence review
« on: November 11, 2012, 12:52:44 AM »


                                     Jon Ben Berger - EIQ Emotional Intelligence


Location: Uppsala Sweden
Genre: Blues/Jazz, Funk, Neo-Soul

Jon Ben Berger Discography:
Thank You For Living Your Life
EIQ Emotional Intelligence
Acoustic Umbrella
I Wish I Was Home
Longtoe Singer and Flowers At The Banana Stand
All For The Time To Be Young
Masterpiece in Stone
Signs Of Soul
Time Catcher
Peach Of A Time
Hourglass Mosaic Dance In Three Parts
Wake Up To The Sun Shine
This Life Is Ours
Give Me Back My Shangrila
Made It To The Mountain

Album: EIQ Emotional Intelligence
Release Date: 2012

All songs produced, recorded, arranged and mixed by Jon Ben Berger
at :
Butterfly Studios. Uppsala Sweden
P&C Jon Berger 2012
Rhythmman Records
Stimm Stockholm

All Lyrics written by Jon Ben Berger except:
"Age To See" (Jon Ben Berger & Tim McGowan)
"Mystic Intervention"  (Jon Ben Berger & Brian Kramer)
"Sensitive Kind" - JJ Cale
16 Tons - Johnny Cash

Jon Ben Berger - Vocals, back ground vocals, strings, horns, piano, organ, bass, drums, programing & harp
Martin Sorbom - Guitar, organ,
Kalle Flyckt - Back ground vocals on tracks 1, 5, 7 & 11.
Marion Lindqvist - Back ground vocals on track 8.
Katie Schwin - Back ground vocals on track 8.
Ida Widberg - Back ground vocals on track 8.

EIQ Emotional Intelligence Track List:
  1 - Age To See  (Jon Ben Berger & Tim McGowen)
  2 - Tears Of Joy  (Jon Ben Berger)
  3 - Who Do That Voodoo  (Jon Ben Berger)
  4 - Sensitive Kind  (JJ Cale)
  5 - Just Enough Room  (Jon Ben Berger)
  6 - 16 Tons  (Johnny Cash)
  7 - You Know I Loved You  (Jon Ben Berger)
  8 - Mystic Intervention  (Jon Ben Berger & Brian Kramer)
  9 - The World Keeps Spinning  (Jon Ben Berger)
10 - Rainbow Dancer  (Jon Ben Berger)
11 - Give and Take  (Jon Ben Berger & Martin Sorbom)

Jon Ben Berger is an innovative and exciting Artist from Sweden, who has the ability to touch the hearts and souls of people worldwide. Born in the East Coast, USA, with roots back to the days of the famous Chelsea Hotel, Jon has always loved to create music. Jon Ben Berger is well known for having his thumb on the pulse of the world. After having released huge successes like "Thank You For Living Your Life", which he did with Martin Sorbum and other numerous tracks and projects,  he has released his latest Album called "EIQ Emotional Intelligence". It was definitely worth the wait. Pure genius! Exactly what we have come to expect from this talented man. He has once again stopped traffic with his brilliant and innovative musical style. "EIQ Emotional Intelligence" is a generous 10 track album with smooth transitions into several genres, so smoothly accomplished one is unaware and lost in the beauty of the music. Jon Ben Berger has even included a couple of well known cherished tracks and made them his own. "Sensitive Kind" and 16 Tons .

Jon Ben Berger's unique songwriting style is world renown. He has used this very talent to write some of the most exceptional songs, marrying lyrics to orchestration and instrumentation in an addictive glorious fashion. The resulting mesmerizing album called "EIQ Emotional Intelligence" captures your senses and leads you delightedly into this world through Jon Ben Berger's eyes. This is music for grown ups who love to abandon time and be swept up in the beats and colorful vocals. Exceptionally well written tracks.

Jon Ben Berger has not held back vocally on this exquisite album. He has delivered strong, sexy vocals, complimenting this full bodied musical experience. "EIQ Emotional Intelligence" will course through your veins into your heart. It visits Jon Ben Berger's sense of funk and neo-soul and dips it quietly with blues and a touch of jazz. But all you will notice is brilliance.

Jon Ben Berger dazzles us, as always, with the sheer quality and level of instrumentation. Each song takes on a life of its own, grooves us, smooth's us and leads the way into an energetic vibe that is "The Berger Zone". Once there, no one wants to leave. Jon Ben Berger writes the music from his heart, lyrics from his soul, his legacy to the world. He is one of the most generous contributors of humanity through song and captivating music, globally. He is fearless musically and continues to raise the bar with each new song. His fingers move easily through his imagination and dreams, developing innovative and exciting rhythms. Jon Ben Berger has seen what music looks and feels like in "EIQ Emotional Intelligence". This entire album will leave you breathless with pure joy.

The level of recording, mixing, engineering, production and mastering is as usual " Top of the line". Jon Ben Berger has spent a lot of time perfecting this album and it shows. The Instrumentation has raised the bar once again. "EIQ Emotional Intelligence" blossoms with rich melodies and notes that will leave you hooked for life. I recommend listening to this album with eyes closed the first time you hear it, to capture the subtle nuances hidden within the structure of instrumentation. Jon Ben Berger has done an exceptional and imaginative job with the programming on this album. Simply Brilliant.

The three tracks I have set aside for this review are:

1 - Age To See
This is definitely one of my favorites off "EIQ Emotional Intelligence". The orchestration and instrumentation is rich and full with a great "feel". Jon Ben Berger uses his sexy vocal instrument with finesse, giving the finished product a polished feel. This is a brilliant arrangement. It is addicting and funky! Jon Ben Berger has penned yet another winner! What a groove! Brilliant work on the harp. Fabulous lyrics! How can you loose with "Age To See".

2 - Tears Of Joy
There is nothing better than when a song brings goose pimples up on your arm whilst listening. This is a beautifully written track. Jon Ben Berger's rich vocals blend seamlessly with exceptional instrumentation and production. I loved the orchestration on "Tears Of Joy". This has to be one of the best songs I have heard this year. You will "feel" the music and be transformed into the "Berger Zone" my lovelies. Pure joy.

3 -  Who Do That Voodoo
This is a big song with a big sound. The beat will have you grooving in your chairs. These Lyrics are mesmerizing, telling the story behind the orchestration with delicious intensity. Jon Ben Berger writes with such honesty and generosity, it is overwhelming but in a very good way. Prepare to "Chair bop" with this groove. Jon Ben Berger brings it to the table with style and a beat like only he can. Love, Love, Love it !

Special Mention goes to:
Remake of JJ Cale - Sensitive Kind  
Wait till you hear Jon Ben Berger play that guitar babies. Oh My God. He grooves this like no tomorrow. His vocals will have you bobbin your head and lost in the pure joy of the moment. Stunning job !!

It would be so easy for me to single out each and every one of the tracks off "EIQ Emotional Intelligence" as favorites. Each track strikes a chord in my heart. Each track has a story line any musician would die for. Each track has instrumentation and orchestration that has raised the bar extensively. Wrapped up with production & programming that will leave your heart thumping. But I would be remiss not mentioning the sheer genius of Jon Ben Berger's mind set. He develops these songs with imagination, talent and a willingness to create something not done before. Fearless and gifted, Jon Ben Berger continues to charm and amaze even the most critical of us. He breaks down walls between us globally. He is a true visionary.
EIQ Emotional Intelligence is a resounding success. Jon Ben Berger... you nailed it baby!

To purchase "EIQ Emotional Intelligence" by post order please contact Jon at :



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