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Author Topic: Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements - I Just See You Review  (Read 1117 times)
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Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements - I Just See You Review
« on: September 18, 2012, 07:01:10 PM »

                                              Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements!/tracynewmanmusic

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Album: I Just See You
Released: September 23, 2012

All songs Produced by: Tracy Newman and Travis Allen Childress
except "If It Were Up To Me" Produced by Fred Sokolow at Rick Cunha's Studio.

Nashville Studio: Phatt Marv's. Engineer: Mary Treutel.

Los Angeles Studio Engineer: Travis Allen Childress.
Additional Engineers: Edward Auslender, Rick Cunha.

Mastering: Gene Grimaldi at Oasis Mastering.

All songs mixed by Michael Frondelli at Chez Frondelli.

Cover Photographs: Jeff Fasano
Additional Pictures: Pam Vick Jacki Sackheim.

Band Members of Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements:
Tracy Newman - Songwriter, lead vocals and Guitar
Gene Lippmann - Back ground vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Rebecca Leigh -  Back ground vocals

Musicians who worked on "I just See You" album
Pat McGrath - many acoustic guitars!
Gene Lippmann - acoustic guitar
Jason Roller - acoustic guitar and fiddle
Shaun Cromwell - acoustic guitar ("Already Missing You" and"Carpool")
Robbie Turner - steel guitar
Fred Sokolow - electric guitar
Dave Francis - upright bass
Jeff Falkner - bass
John Cartwright - upright bass
Russ Pahl - electric guitar, pedal steel, dobro, banjo
Bryon Holley - drums
Matt Betton - drums
Doug Knoll - drums
Dennis Wage - piano
Terry Landry - sax
Rebecca Leigh - bgvs
Eric Schwartz -bgvs
Lorie Doswell - bgvs
Anna Montgomery - bgvs
Laraine Newman - bgvs
Gene Lippmann - bgvs
Bryon Holley - bgvs
John Cartwright - bgvs
Shaun Cromwell - duet vocal on "Already Missing You"

"I Just See You" album track list:
  1 - Already Missing You
  2 - I Didn't Think Of You
  3 - I Just See You
  4 - Fire Up The Weed
  5 - Nothing Better Than You
  6 - Carpool
  7 - If It Were Up To Me
  8 - You Say You Miss Me More
  9 - Table Nine
 10 - I Can Be Bad
 11 - I Would Fly

  Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements never cease to amaze and dazzle new and old fans alike. The new Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements album called "I Just See You" is absolutely exceptional! It is filled to the brim with expertly written songs and I guarantee songs you've not heard before, in any genre! This is a stand alone album, in that each track could well be a "single" on its own. There are no duds on "I Just See You". 11 Tracks is a generous album but when the 11 tracks are made up of songs with benchmark orchestration, instrumentation and let's not forget fine vocals and songwriting, how can you lose!
  Tracy Newman has a real knack when it comes to looking life square in the face and finding the positives at all times. These lyrics are about life, love and personal experience. In true Tracy Newman style, she has written songs here that sneak up on the unaware. I actually snorted I laughed so hard. And I was totally aware of Miss Newman's songwriting techniques. You will relate to the songs in a personal way. It is absolutely astounding how Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements make it look so easy. Now that's honing your craft to a fine edge; this lady can do it all. Except maybe build a plane. (That's next years project. J/k)

  Tracy Newman's strong lyrics marry beautifully with her fabulous vocal style. Acoustic folk and country never sounded so good. The caliber of instrumentation represented on this album is outstanding. And I must say kudos on the mixing, mastering and production on the recording of this "I Just See You" album. They have left Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements in the purest of sound. Excellent work.

The three tracks I have pulled aside for this review are:

1 - Fire Up The Weed
I love this song! It is extremely well written and so funny. Where did all the hip people go from the 70's? This is what happened to them! Tracy Newman sings this ballad with such flare, you could easily think this was a beautiful love song and it is, but with a comedic edge. Between the instrumentation and orchestration and Tracy's vocals, this song is well ahead of its time.  Lord, this is brilliant!

2 - Carpool
Many of you will relate to this song about our children hitting the teens with finesse! This song will bring you to tears of laughter! It is beautifully written and vocalized by the gorgeous Tracy Newman. It is a love / hate song and oh so true. Prepare to giggle. Tracy Newman does what only Tracy Newman can do, no one does it better. She plucks a snapshot from life and brings it to the forefront with style, grace and expertise. LOVE it!

3 - Table 9
This is a gorgeous song about a young girl, an older customer who is a musician and a generation gap.
This has an exceptional story line. One of those "oh!" moments that songwriters hope for throughout their careers. Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements nail this track. Tracy Newman does a stunning job on vocals. The instrumentation is absolutely stellar!

Honorable Mention goes to:
** Nothing Better Than You.
You will love the groove Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements have going on in this song. From Tracy Newman's sexy vocals to great lyrics, this song will grab your attention from the start. The band has outdone themselves with instrumentation and orchestration. This has a real blues feel about it in typical Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements style. Definitely one of my favorites.

To pull just 3 or 4 tracks from this album was a difficult process. I also am completely in love with "I Would Fly", "Already Missing You", I Didn't Think Of You" and "I Just See You". When you hear this album, you will understand my dilemma. You will laugh, you will cry, you will tap along with it and some may even dance. Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements have outdone themselves on this album. This is the album most musicians pray for and listeners hope for. Check it out yourselves my lovelies, grab yours as soon as it is released! Sept 23rd is the "big day".

You can find it here:

                                                          That's Just How I See It
                                                             Shashona McCall
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