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Author Topic: Broadcaster - Folksploitation Review  (Read 862 times)
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Broadcaster - Folksploitation Review
« on: July 14, 2012, 05:54:57 PM »

 DJ Aphrodisiomanic’s Review of Broadcaster – Folksploitation

Take one folk singer born in the 1930’s and their songs, warp drive them to the here and now, mix together with sounds of club dub and offer the finished product to the masses and watch them groove.
And when I write masses, I don’t mean just today’s yoof. I mean those olde folk who wouldn’t normally be seen shakin’ their booty so physically unless they were experiencing a grand mal.

OK, I’ll admit I’m not alluding to any folk singer, this folk singer is a lady with pedigree and proven talent one can only dream of having, but what kind of a lunatic would you have to be to think that that amalgamation would work?  I mean, wouldn’t you raise an eyebrow (at the very least) if someone pitched that mad idea to you?

Now let me give you a couple of names:
Folk singer = Peggy Seeger
No lunatic as it can be seen by the final cut, but a genius = Broadcaster

I’ll try and forgive some of you for perhaps not having heard of Peggy Seeger. I’ll put it down to your age, after all before this album I’d not heard of Broadcaster who in 2008 did something magical with 60’s ballads on an album called “Primary Transmission” which, at the time, got great reviews.
So for those of you who have already discovered Broadcaster, please try and forgive me and put it down to my age for I am only 20 years younger than Peggy.

I’ve been listening to music for a long, long time and there’s inevitably a track on every album one listens to that you think is a bit weak and not as good as the rest. Well, that’s not happened on this album. Every track on Folksploitation is awesome and for once I don’t hesitate to use that word. Nowadays “awesome” tends to get over-used and lose its true meaning, but not here.

Peggy’s singing is, as it always has been, crystal clear and hypnotic and nothing has been diminished by time. If I had the literary skills, I would want to write reams about her, but it doesn’t take a lot of effort for you to see that others more able have already done so on this wonderous inter-webby thing…..

Broadcaster….I used the word genius earlier. Wikipedia describes genius as “someone embodying exceptional intellectual ability and creativity, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of unprecedented insight”   Q.E.D.

My favourite on the album, by a meerkats whisker, would be “First Time Ever”. There’s something definitely Numan-esque which I love, reminiscent of Are Friends Electric.
I was too young to catch the original written for Peggy by Ewan MacColl, but I remember it sung by Roberta Flack in 1972. Both have their merits.

Folksploitation is a masterpiece. Not many people get the chance to own one, so buy it… Anyone who pre-orders will get the album before it's officially out.  The shop only accepts PayPal payments unfortunately so anyone who doesn't use PayPal can pre-order it as a download from iTunes:

Or on Amazon:

Broadcaster’s website: & Facebook Page:

DJ Aphrodisiomanic - Indie Showcase & Awesome Radio

14th July 2012

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