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Author Topic: Grant Lyle - So There Review  (Read 878 times)
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Grant Lyle - So There Review
« on: July 10, 2012, 05:40:11 PM »


                                                          Grant Lyle - So There

Location: Toronto, Canada
Genre: Rock, Roots, Blues, Pop

Album: So There
Label: Independent
Released: 2012

Brotherhood  1989
It's Worth It  2001
Traces  2002
Live At Healey's  2003
All The Way  2006
Retronym  2007

"So There" track list:
  1- Impressions
  2 - Let It Out
  3 - I Will Wait
  4 - You're Killing Me
  5 - Trouble Blues
  6 - Walk On
  7 - Cheri Ann
  8 - From The Hills
  9 - You've Got Love
10 - Librium
11 - Lost In Temptation
12 - Levee Moan (Cover)

In the Canadian City of Toronto, a magical moment in the music industry is happening. I have been swept to every kind of emotional response possible to a human being. Grant Lyle has released his long awaited album called "So There". Today's trend of having 1 or 2 exceptional songs, leaving the rest as mediocre fill in fluff, has been blown away with "Grant Lyle - So There". This entire album is absolutely mind blowing. He has spent a lot of energy to produce a top notch album, gracing us with songs of depth and quality. Grant is not new to the music industry and it shows. He has honed his skills as a songwriter, musician and singer to a fine edge.

Grant Lyle's song writing skills will leave you breathless. He writes straight from the heart and gut. You can feel his charismatic energy in each song, even through the CD. You can close your eyes while listening and feel like you are there, seeing him live. Grant Lyle uses his vocal instrument to his advantage, emitting a sexy, powerful sound. It's enough to leave a girl faint and a guy jealous! This is no small feat, very few achieve this level of connection with listeners though a CD. His expertise is self evident. Grant Lyle is the new Pied Piper. He slides through Blues, Rock, Pop and Roots with such ease, you won't even feel the move. Simply Addictive!

"Grant Lyle - So There" is an example of how it should be done. The quality of instrumentation on this album is superb. Drums, percussion and bass definitely make a strong impression on this album but the lead guitar shows us how it's done baby! There is a delicate balance between vocals, lyrics and instrumentation that most never quite get right. "Grant Lyle's - So There" is perfection in motion. The production, mixing and mastering are all brilliant. It is polished and smooth but not over produced leaving Grant Lyle's delicious vocals pure. Perfection. Grant has included two guitar instrumentals called "Impressions" & "Trouble Blues", my personal favorite, which are absolutely astounding!

There are so many stellar tracks on this album, it is mind boggling. I normally choose 3 tracks from an album to single out but this is an impossibility with "Grant Lyle - So There". Seriously, I will point you in the direction to some, in no particular order but let me tell you, each and every track on "So There" is stunning and not to be missed.

I will Wait - Stand alone, addictive, rock. Upbeat tempo Exceptional lyrics
You've Got Love - Upbeat anthem for love baby. Blues
Walk On -  Addictive, great hook, upbeat tempo, Fantastic
You're Killing Me - Grinding, sexy Blues, Outstanding
Let It Out - Brilliant lyrics and vocals. Sexy!!
Cheri Ann - Delicious, refreshing, great lyrics, addictive.
Levee Moan - Sexy & Sultry gritty blues. Brilliant vocals & guitar solo. (Sun House Cover)

Now it's easy to say, it's all been done before and a lot of the time, I might agree. But it is not the case with Grant Lyle and his brilliant album called "So There". Grant Lyle and his Band have put the time in to make this THE album of choice. I think even the most cynical of critics will end up in the "Grant Lyle Zone". You will have no control over your extremities, they are going to tap and snap along to the music. Don't fight it, get on board people. This is a damn fine album. Well done Grant Lyle! We have been waiting for you! Get on over and grab this impressive album people!

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