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Author Topic: Anthony Duke - May You Be Loved Review  (Read 87 times)
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Anthony Duke - May You Be Loved Review
« on: April 03, 2012, 10:54:44 PM »

                                                            Anthony Duke
                                                    Album - May You Be Loved


Location:  Brighton UK

Album:  May You Be Loved

Genre:  Country/Rock

Released On Lycian Records

Songs written by:  Anthony Duke & Kim Duke
"May You Be Loved" - Anthony Duke & Bobby E Boyd*
"War Of Words" - Anthony Duke & Derek Ryan
*Bobby E Boyd copyright info - Finest Music Inc. dba Do Well Music (BMI)

Recorded:  Anthony Duke Studio
Produced:  Anthony Duke

Instrumentation:  Anthony Duke
"Stain and Satan's Little Sister" Recorded at GC Studio's. Co-Produced - Gary Carter
Guitar on "Stain" and solo on "Satan's Little Sister" - Gary Carter

Guitar on "May You Be Loved" and "Enchantment" - Colin Ryan. Recorded at Gavin Aldred Studio's in Los Angeles. Engineered and mixed by Gavin Aldred and Alex Smith.

Lead guitar on "The Lie" and overdubs on "War Of Words" - Richard Cruden
Mastered: Barry Gardner

May You Be Loved song list:
 1 - Stain
 2 - Satan's Little Sister
 3 - May You Be Loved
 4 - Gold To Me
 5 - War Of Words
 6 - Enchantment
 7 - Blood Red Rose
 8 - Are We
 9 - Couldn't Love This Way Again
10 - Cherish The Moments
11 - Until I Get Home
12 - The Lie

Anthony Duke - "May You Be Loved" has hit the music scene and left all in his wake simply breathless! This is a well thought out album, brimming with songs about life, love and relationships. Anthony Duke's charismatic vocal style is liken to heaven on earth. His pitch and range are not only beautifully executed but with his fluctuation in tone, moves him into a "Country Rock God" realm. Yes, he is that good, prepare to swoon and move into the "Duke Zone". Anthony Duke is exciting and fresh, reaching listeners who never gave country/rock a second look before. Anthony Duke is exactly what we have been waiting for.

Anthony Duke is a gifted songwriter & story weaver, who is well beyond his years in talent and perception. Each song is exceptionally written. Anthony Duke's careful attention to detail is self evident. With each song you are taken on a heartfelt journey. Anthony Duke can rock your socks or lull you softly with a ballad as easily as breathing. This is one talented individual who has it all going on. And have I mentioned he is gorgeous to boot!

The instrumentation and orchestration delivered on "May You Be Loved" is unequaled. This album can compete with any well known country star. Anthony Duke is headed places for sure. Stellar production, mixing and mastering makes this album shine. They have just the perfect mix, leaving Anthony Duke's amazing vocals pure and honest. This is most certainly one of the best Country/Rock album's this reviewer has heard in a very long time.  

Now, for the difficult part, 3 tracks I would like to point out:

1 - Stain
Anthony Duke absolutely nails this song to the wall. Admirable vocal skills married with strong lyrics and a great hook, equals the sing along factor. Something every artist strives for but few achieve. This is a heart wrenching song with a real kick. A country rock ballad that is beautifully orchestrated. Its appeal factor is off the charts!

2 - Satan's Little Sister
Anthony Duke rocks it country style. In seconds, you will be swept deep into the "Duke Zone". Exceptional vocals and instrumentation. I defy anyone to sit still during this kick butt song. Another great "hook" in the chorus which will have listener's singing along in a New York minute. And how about that electric guitar!

3 - May You Be Loved *Title track*
Anthony Duke has you swooning in your chair with this astounding song. His vocals are extraordinary. The lyrics are well thought out and aimed directly at your heart. This is the goose pimple up your arms effect that leaves you floating. The harmonization is beautifully added, making the song smooth and polished. This is an exceptional song that will stand the test of time. It is definitely a song to be remembered.

Other tracks on "May You Be Loved" could have easily made this short list. "Gold To Me", "Are We", and *Until I Get Home" are all delicious and deserve to be mentioned. Anthony Duke has been very generous on this album. Watch for Anthony Duke's name, this is one hot country rock artist going to the top with a bullet.

As you can see, this reviewer LOVES Anthony Duke - May You Be Loved. It is obvious he has put the time in to hone his skills as a singer/songwriter. Anthony Duke's talent and expertise flows freely through out this entire album, making this THE album for your music library. He is drawing listeners from all genres into his fold like a pied piper. Charismatic and addictive! Well done Anthony Duke!

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