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Author Topic: Kerry Patrick Clark - His Story, My Story Review  (Read 698 times)
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Kerry Patrick Clark - His Story, My Story Review
« on: March 21, 2012, 10:13:39 PM »

                                                                  Kerry Patrick Clark
                                                              Album - His Story, My Story


Location: Ohio, USA
Album: His Story, My Story
Released: March 24, 2012
Genre: Folk, Easy Listening, Religious

All Songs written by: Kerry Patrick Clark except
Walk The Walk written by:  Kerry Patrick Clark, Amy Clark and Jim McVicker

Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Designed by:
Studio-234  www.Studio-234.com

Mastered by Keith Taylor at Custom Taylored Studios  www.CustomTayloredStudios.com

Photos by Andy Grier, Grier Photography  www.GrierPhotos.com

Kerry Patrick Clark: Vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, drum landscapes and harmonica
Aaron Keaster:  Fretless and electric bass
Jeff Harris:  Electric guitar
Ron Gillmore:  Piano, keyboards and string arrangement
Robbie Clark:  Vocals and kid's choir
Drake Honaker: Kid's choir
Chloe Rosenberger:  Kid's Choir
Caroline Hind:  Kid's Choir

Track list for "His Story, My Story"

 1 - You Should See This
 2 - I Do This For Love
 3 - If You Please
 4 - One Kiss
 5 - Come On Rising
 6 - True Love
 7 - When
 8 - I'm Giving It Up
 9 - I Believe
10 - The Greatest Gift Of These
11 - Walk The Walk
12 - I Am That Man

Kerry Patrick Clark hales from Ohio, USA. Kerry has presented us with his latest album called  "His Story, My Story", and it is an absolute treasure. Kerry Patrick Clark has spun his magic and God given gift for songwriting, to bring to you this incredible collection of songs. His lyrics bring songs of faith, love, hope, life and family to the fore front. He asks the real questions and gives us hope and promise in the answers. His lyrics are heartfelt and pertinent. Kerry Patrick Clark evokes emotions and thoughts that we often ignore or take for granted in our busy lives. This album is a direct tribute to his commitment and love to God and humankind.

Kerry Patrick Clark has been sharing his expertise and music since 1994, when he released his very first album called "A Simple Man". Since then he has gained much notoriety and awards. He has released 6 albums to date, which are all magnificent albums in their right:

A Simple Man 1994
Build A Bridge: 1996
Choose Love: 2000
911.. Songs To Heal A Nation:  Fall 2001
On The Road To Human Being: May 1, 2010
His Story, My Story 2012

With the release of his newest album, "His Story, My Story", Kerry Patrick Clark has implemented all the experience and skills honed over the years. Kerry Patrick Clark will not, nor can not, be boxed into any set genre. He glides with grace from folk, pop, easy listening and yes, Kerry can even rock your soul from time to time. He draws on current events in his life when he writes a song, making it real to the listener. His strong commitment to family, friends, faith and humankind is ever present in all Kerry touches.

Kerry Patrick Clark is charismatic and honest. He has one of those strong, rich voices that can bring a euphoric wave over you. This dynamic, yet humble artist writes and sings from the depths of his being. Kerry makes it look easy but all we know this takes a high level of skill and commitment to accomplish.  Each track on "His Story, My Story" will draw your attention and keep you settled, till the last note is completed on the album. Kerry Patrick Clark is a true professional, in that he has the whole package. "His Story, My Story" has incredibly strong lyrics, which are married with beautifully orchestrated tracks.

The instrumentation is simply perfection, as we have become accustomed to with all of Kerry Patrick Clark albums. Kerry has lined up some the finest musicians out there to work on this album. Not to mention his own work on guitar, percussion, harmonica and drum landscapes. Kerry Patrick Clark brings to the plate a high level of expertise and experience. The level of instrumentation on the whole, is beyond belief, raising the bar even higher. Also, I am impressed with the recording, mixing and mastering on "His Story, My Story". The sound is pure yet polished. Kerry's amazing vocals stand out, sending his message exactly where it needs to be and to all who need them most. A stellar job to be sure.

The thing I love most about this album, besides the goose pimples up my arms, is how Kerry Patrick Clark's songs reach in and touch your heart. It leaves you feeling positive and hopeful about the future. He is indeed a special man, who definitely walks the walk. Bless you Kerry Patrick Clark and Thank you.

The 3 tracks I have set aside to focus on are:

1 - You Should See This
Kerry Patrick Clark has told this tale from a child's point of view. It is about seeing Jesus from his Daddy's shoulders. This is one of THE most heart wrenching songs I have ever heard. The hair on the back of my neck is literally standing on end. Beautifully written lyrics, painting a picture in our hearts and capturing our imagination. This a song no one will ever forget. The instrumentation is splendid. The guitar work throughout this piece is fantastic.

2 - I Do This For Love
This song is wonderfully written. Kerry Patrick Clark sings straight from his heart. The instrumentation is exceptional, along with Kerry 's outstanding voice. He completely nails this song.  Kerry Patrick Clark is the best reality check a person can have. Brilliant track, well produced and mastered!

3 - Walk The Walk
Kerry Patrick Clark has written this song along with Amy Clark and Jim McVicker. The lyrics are a symphony once Kerry Patrick Clark's rich vocal brings them to life. It is a song about living the right way, doing the right thing with God's guidance. Instrumentation shines brilliantly on Walk The Walk.

4 - Honorable Mention
I Believe
I love this song! It is a celebration of strong faith and confirmation of belief's. It is an upbeat song with a positive message. A feel good song that makes your heart sing. Kerry Patrick Clark does an exceptional job on his vocals and orchestration. Instrumentation is top notch! This song will have you tapping your toes and singing along loud and proud!  I Believe, I Believe! Excellent job!

I was hard pressed to choose 3 tracks and I know I slipped an extra track in but I have to say "Come On Rising" is a spectacular track featuring Master Robbie Clark and the Kid's Choir. This track is absolutely outstanding. Robbie works with Kerry Patrick Clark and makes this a fast favorite! This album Kerry Patrick Clark has gifted us with, has brought joy to my heart, tears to my eyes and hope to my being. "His Story, My Story" is an affirmation of faith and love for all to see and hear. Thank you so much Kerry Patrick Clark. You have touched this reviewer and reminded her of the good one voice can do.

As you can see, Kerry Patrick Clark's "His Story, My Story" is an exceptional album. Grab your album asap. You will understand my ramblings as soon as you hear it. Such a gorgeous CD, a true gift. Thanks so much Kerry Patrick Clark, You made my whole day.

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