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Author Topic: Gary Stockdale - Sure Of Mice Elf Review  (Read 785 times)
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Gary Stockdale - Sure Of Mice Elf Review
« on: March 21, 2012, 10:34:03 PM »

                                                                Gary Stockdale
                                                         Album - Sure Of Mice Elf

Genre: Pop, Comedy
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Album: Sure Of Mice Elf

Album Released: 2011
All songs Produced and Arranged by Gary Stockdale
Recorded at Caledonia Studios, Los Angeles, California from 2008 till 2010
"Mysterious Retreat" recorded by Eric Astor at Entourage Studios, North Hollywood, Ca.
Debra Dobkin's Percussion recorded at The Rhythm Ranch, Studio City, CA.
Scott Breadman's percussion recorded at Robe Engineering, Eagle Rock, CA.
Steve Postell's guitars recorded at Pier St. Sound, Santa Monica, CA.
Grant Geissman's guitars recorded at Futurism Records, Sherman Oaks, CA.
M.B. Gordy's drums recorded at Riot Drums Studios, Tarzana , CA.

Mixed by Philip Rohr at Prime Rib Productions, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Ron Boustead at Resolution Mastering
CD Design by Rick Alonso
Photography by Cat Gwynn www.catgwynnphotos.com
Media Services by SurfwareMedia.com
@ 2011 by Gary Stockdale and Gary Stockdale Sound Corp

Gary Stockdale: Lead vocals on all tracks, back ground vocals, keyboards, piano, electronic percussion, acoustic guitar.

Background vocalists: Gary Stockdale, Amy Engelhardt, Joe Pizzula, Craig Copeland, Maiya Sykes, Scottie Haskell, Gary Shapiro

Musicians who participated on various tracks:
Grant Geissman /guitars, Mark Gorman /bass, M.B. Gordy /Drums, Scott Breadman /percussion, James Harrah /electric guitars, Steve Postell /guitars & bass, Debra Dobkin /percussion & drums, Sid Page /violins, John Fumo /Trumpet & harmon mute percussion, Steve Holtman /trombones, Domenic Genova /bass, Jimbo Ross /violas, Nika Ross /violoncello, Rob Lockart /alo, tenor & barritone saxophones, Gary Papinoe /harmonica, Vin D'Onofrio /electric guitar

Sure Of Mice Elf track list:
 1 - Sure Of Mice Elf  (G. Stockdale)
 2 - Can't F*ck Her  (G. Stockdale)
 3 - Easier  (G. Stockdale)
 4 - Everything Is Perfect  (G. Stockdale & G. Shapiro)
 5 - Harmony (G. Stockdale)
 6 - She's Too Smart (G. Stockdale & G. Shapiro)
 7 - That's Not Me  (G. Stockdale & G. Shapiro)
 8 - Is Waiting  (G. Stockdale)
 9 - If It Wasn't 4 U  (G. Stockdale)
10 - You Can Trust Me  (G. Stockdale & G. Shapiro)
11 - Mysterious Retreat  (G. Stockdale)

Gary Stockdale is no stranger in this music industry. This two time Emmy nominated composer, has worked extensively in television and movies. But he is also known for his proficient songwriting skills and impressive vocal style. His bio speaks for itself with many accomplishments to his credit. With the release of his "Sure Of Mice Elf" album, many of his newest fans are privy to his quirky and quick sense of humor. Gary Stockdale has a large following and now this reviewer knows why. Never in my life have I been so entertained and thrilled with an album. You would be hard pressed to beat it.

The first thing that will hit you upon hearing this album is Gary Stockdale's impressive vocals. He has a voice that was sent from the heavens above. His lyrics are the second thing that will grab your attention and fast. They are representative of how he sees the world. He shoots from the hip. His sentimental side lights up the room, but he can also have you up on the dance floor in a New York minute. His sense of humor explodes and flows easily from every pore of his being. With Gary Stockdale, combine strong vocals, exceptional songwriting, natural charisma and kick ass sense of humor. Marry that with some of the finest instrumentation you can imagine, package it and you have "Sure Of Mice Elf". It is absolutely infectious! 

Not only is the instrumentation brilliant but the production, mixing and mastering on "Sure Of Mice Elf" top notch. Gary Stockdale has been working on these tracks from 2008 till 2010 and has used some of the finest recording and engineering studios in California. It certainly shows. Gary Stockdale's vocals are unbelievably sexy and smooth and the harmonies are delicious.

The three tracks I have set aside as favorites, has been difficult to choose. They are as follows:

1 - Can't F*ck Her   
Now this song is not for the faint of heart!  Once I picked my jaw up off the floor and listened to the song, the neighbors could hear my belly laugh half way across town! It's the funniest song I have heard in years. Aside from the humor, it is very well written and holds advice some may have heard before. Instrumentation is excellent and the harmonies are fantastic. Gary you cheeky devil! Gary Stockdale nails this!

2 - Harmony 
Gary Stockdale has done a brilliant job on this track. Orchestration and instrumentation are very well formulated on this song. The lyrics are beautifully written and very current. This is a catchy song that will have you singing along by the second verse. Beautiful harmonies and the horn section will have you cheering! Love it!

3 - If It Wasn't For You 
This upbeat song is filled to the brim with fascinating lyrics. Gary Stockdale uses his vocal instrument to its height of perfection on this song. The lyrics and melody are infectious! He sings about being held back by someone in the relationship, but it will have you grinning. A Conundrum! Instrumentation is perfection in motion!

I have to say, I love every song on this entire album. Each one is completely different and brilliant. "You Can Trust Me" is so well written and performed it will leave you breathless. The horn section gives the piece a polished feel but it is Gary Stockdale's magnificent voice and humor that shines!

If you have not had the opportunity to hear Gary Stockdale in action, may I respectfully suggest you pick up "Sure Of Mice Elf". He will set you on your ears. This is an amazing album from start to finish. It is available on CDBaby.com, Amazon.com, itunes.com and kritzerland.com I guarantee, you will love it! Get your smile on today!!

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