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News: Home of Independent and Unsigned Artists
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Indie Showcase Premium Level
Is Radio Play alone, just not the Kick Start you need to get your music going?

Premium Level may just what you need. It won't cost a bundle, it is designed to do the job without breaking your pocket. Have a look.

Indie Showcase Premium Level
Indie Showcase and Awesomeradio are an international Internet Radio Station and Promotional site on the move! We run 24 x 7. The Radio side is Awesomeradio.net which is owned by Sunni and partnered by Shashona & Skys. Awesomeradio.net has a love of Indie and Unsigned Artists as well.

The Promotional side is Indie Showcase, which is owned by Shashona & Skys. Its whole purpose is to get Indie & Unsigned Artists the credit & airplay due them, without gouging their pockets. Hence the free Basic Level & Easy to access Premium Level.

We have DJ's for both Awesomeradio and for Indie Showcase. Indie Showcase is for Indie / Unsigned only. Meaning we don't air majors. None of our DJ's are paid. All volunteer their time because they believe in the music. As do Skys & myself, which is why we created Indie Showcase in the beginning. We ask for Donations to pay for the server, replace DJ's mixers, hard drive, memory cards , microphones etc, to help them do their shows.

We do not pay royalties as we are not for profit. Any music Artists choose to send us, is done with that in mind.

We do NOT ever "give" the music you entrust to us via CD's or mp3's away to anyone, other than our DJ's to play on their shows. Nor do we sell any music for Artists. We are about the music not retail.

It is designed for Artists Needs. I hope you enjoy.

Premium Level:
Premium Level is a step up from Basic and still includes Airplay and directing Listeners to your .com , .net and social sites offered in the Basic Level. Also Artists are added to our Artist Registry on our webpage. It also includes the following.

1 - Your own profile Page (bio, picture and internet addresses)

2 - A Review on your album (1)

3 - Regular airplay on The Premium Level Shows, individual DJ's Shows (DJ's choice according to show ) Also regular airplay on our station bot which runs in between live shows.

4 - Advertising on Facebook, Reverbnation, Myspace & Twitter via announcements, likes and notices to direct people to your page, review, podcast etc.

5 - A 2 hour interview On Air Via Skype (audio only) We learn about your musical journey and hear your music.

6 - Continued Airplay

7 - Play It Forward Show. This usually takes place about a month or two after the interview , when artists schedule allows. It means just that, it is an opportunity for our listeners to hear your album again and to find out what you have been up to since the interview. (Up coming gigs, album and any news)

It also involves you bringing 1 track from up to 5 Artists, that you would like to introduce to our Audiences. Fans always want to know what their favorite Artists are listening to.

Once the Play It Forward is completed. We will then contact them for more tracks to be added to our Basic Level Airplay. They will also be added to our Artist Registry.

Keep In Mind, this is a short term contract spanning over 3 - 4 months only. It is the Artists responsibility to reply to our email to book interview and play it forward shows in a timely manner. We can work with the Artist in some special cases where they are touring etc, but they must reply to email's to let us know in advance. If we do not hear back after several attempts, the contract will be considered closed.
Premium Level requires an 80.00 Donation via paypal located on the premium level page .

We also encourage all our basic & Premium Level Artists to register at our website and put profiles pages there. It is a whole music community there. Open to outside Radio (terrestrial & Internet) DJ's , Artists, Promotional & Booking agents, Music Magazines , Venues and listeners. Its Brand new and taking off fast.

We would be proud to work with you.

Indie Showcase indieshowcase.net

Shashona McCall - Owner & Eleena Skys Whitney - Owner


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