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Live Chat   Tune in: Listen w/ Realplayer Listen w/ Media Player Listen w/ Winamp Listen w/ Quicktime  Current DJ: Awesome Radio: Mozart (WARNING! May Contain Adult Content!) Streaming at: 96 kbps  

Listen on your mobile phone

You can listen live to Awesome Radio, on your mobile and iPad..



1. Listening Live/Now Playing
a. You may experience a short delay before the live stream starts playing – no more than about 5 seconds. If you don’t hear anything after this time, make sure that you have selected play and your volume is turned up.

b. Streaming over a 3G network will be dependent on your signal strength and your provider’s network. Streaming over a local Wi-Fi network will provide the best user experience.

c. iPhone users will need to download the relevant iPhone application to access the live stream. Click here to download now.


2. Data Charges
a. To help you manage your data charges we have outlined an estimated data usage. Please refer to the Data Usage page on the mobile site. Please keep note of your data usage so as to avoid exceeding your data plan.

b. To reduce the amount of data you consume you can switch off the album images that display within the Now Playing feed.

c. If you are concerned about your data charges or need more information about your plan, contact your service provider.


3. Recommended Appz
- TuneIn (Supports most Devices)


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