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Welcome to IndieShowcase
Home of The Indie Artists
Indie Showcase was started in 2003 in response to a frustration I was hearing from Listeners and friends alike.
They were tired of hearing the same music several times throughout the day on every channel known to man.
They wanted the opportunity to hear what was waiting in the wings. I whole heartedly agreed. There are so many very talented Artists who do not have the chance to be heard on commercial radio stations. In all genres.

So, here we are. Indie Showcase was born. Indie Showcase consists of DJ's who give of their time and are located throughout the world. Our mandate is to bring Independent & Unsigned Artists from around the globe to the forefront of the music scene. We charge nothing to the Artist for basic airtime on Indie Showcase Shows.

We are partnered with www.awesomeradio.net , which we use to bring our Artists music to the listeners. Awesomeradio.net is Proud to be supporting Indie & Unsigned Artists through Indie Showcase. The Station runs 24x7 , through all time zones. We are an International Internet Radio Station. Our shows are live with live DJ's broadcasting Your music.

Our Basic package consists of Airplay for the Artist , along with advertising the address to the listener to purchase the music. We have a chatroom we run alongside the radio , where we often have contests running for the listeners.

We have a premium package as well. This consists of Artists Showcase's. Interviews, advertising on the Indie Showcase web page, and a review on CD's. If interested, please see Premium Section of this website.

Thanks so much for supporting Independent & Unsigned Artists !! I cant say how important this is. Or how much it is appreciated by Artists and fans alike. Long Live The Music!! Long Live Indie Showcase!!
News 31th May 2009
The new layout for the artist is here it should make your life easier to find the information about the artists. Since we have changed the layout we have had to redo the artists again and we are about 1/2 way though the a's again. lol
We are working as quickly as possible to get them all up but it is a huge job as we have so many wonderful and talented artists onboard with us.

There are new sections going up all the time so please check back regularly as we continue to develop the site. ;)
News 25th May 2009
Sorry about there not been any updates for awhile. We are working on a new layout for the artists that will make it easier to read and see all the infomation of that artist.
We would also like to Welcome our newest DJ to the Indieshowcase Team and that is BluNote. Congratulations and Welcome. :)
Almost all the IndieShowcase DJ's Profiles have been updated. We are still waiting on afew.
We now have a Premium Package section as mentioned in the intro. We are still working on setting up the secure payment section though Paypal.

There are new sections going up all the time so please check back regularly as we continue to develop the site. ;)
News 18th April 2009
We have just about finished adding all the a's for the artists.
There are new sections going up all the time so please check back regularly as we continue to develop the site. ;)
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