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Every Muso's Handbook

This handy industry manual is for every musician, every songwriter, every guitarist, every lyricist, every manager, every booking agent and every person who is or intends to be in the music biz. This essential handbook goes where no other music industry book has gone. Stripped back and simple, it exposes industry secrets rarely imparted by those in the know. With a uniquely honest approach, it explains how the industry operates and how you as an artist can use your sensitivity and creativity to succeed.
The information offered in this guide provides a rare insight into the music industry. Presented in a simple and easy to read format, this exciting ‘How to’ guide focuses mainly in the pop and rock industry’s, however, the information and techniques can be easily applied to other genres such as jazz, blues, country and other fields of contemporary music.
It can cost you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to attend conventions and conferences to get the same information contained within the pages of this Holy Grail of the music industry. Supported by the who’s who in the Australian Music Industry, including reviews from the cream of music journalists, this 204page handbook, contains some of the best advice you could possibly ask for.

WHAT drives you as an artist? How do you, the most sensitive of souls, battle with the toughest of businesses, the ever-powerful controlling and manipulative music industry? This book drives home the importance of believing in yourself and shows you how to achieve your dreams by shortening your pathway to success. It is the quintessential ‘how to’, which you will refer to again and again.

You will discover:

• What the record companies are really looking for and how to achieve it.

• What the shortcuts are and how to recognise the shonky promise-makers.

• How to secure the best manager and booking agent to ensure a successfully lengthy and wealthy career.

• The importance of focus and creative visualisation.

• How to promote yourself to the world for almost no cost at all.

Lisa J Aston has spent 25 years in the music industry as a successful international songwriter/musician and as an administrator for Australia’s music industry leaders. Her unique writing style, extensive knowledge of the music industry and her passion for others to succeed, allows for a no-nonsense and honest delivery of information rarely imparted by those in the know.

This extraordinary manual, on how to turn your dreams into an achievable reality, will show you the fastest and surest way to break into the tough music business.

What are you waiting for?

"Every Muso's Handbook"... From the garage to the international stage.
"Behind every singer/songwriter/musician is the desire to feel understood, appreciated, admired, respected and accepted, yet you, the most sensitive of souls, must battle with the toughest of businesses, the ever-powerful controlling and manipulative music industry" - Lisa J Aston - Author

For your FREE download of one of the most popular chapters "SOUND ADVICE" Click on the link below:


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