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Sandbox Theory
Artists Name: Sandbox Theory
Official Sites: www.sandboxtheory.com, www.facebook.com/pages/Sandbox/11651294785 & www.cdbaby.com/Artist/SandboxTheory
The definition of a "sandbox" as explained by Wikipedia is; "a virtual container in which untrusted programs can be safely run" and "an online environment in which code or content changes can be tested without affecting the original system".
Steve Maher had written the "Sandbox" song with the addictive chant "Everything starts in the sandbox" as almost everything "virtual" begins trials or development in a sandbox. Hence the band name Sandbox Theory.

Sandbox Theory is the brainchild of musician singer/songwriter Steve Maher - Also responsible for all of the videos & images that Sandbox incorporates. Longtime Musician and Graphic Artist Steve comes with a lifetime of experience and references that are undeniably formidable having previously headed up graphic design for artists such as Iron Maiden, Jimmy Page, Live Aid, Status Quo, Paul Rogers & Meatloaf to name just a few.

Steves concept was created from his cynical perception of the eccentricities in the virtual worlds on the internet... and the fact that millions of people live a cyber life with alternate identities in the form of avatars. This is something far removed from having just a "fake" facebook profile. There are people that spend all their time and money in these virtual lands, in a phoney world that can be, perverse, corrupt, mind-blowing, intriguing, sexual, and sometimes complete madness and with predators of all shapes and sizes just waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting innocent.

The Sandbox Theory concept is a Hi-Tek Journey expressed through the innocent eyes of a reluctant and confused Avatar.
They call him Name. Name is 'reborn' to find himself an adult immersed in a strange world where fantasy is real and reality is just a fantasy. Name has actually become his assumed avatar. He has been thrust into a virtual world that now becomes his reality.

Name's struggle is discovering and learning who he is, the entire time being controlled like a puppet by keystrokes and mouse movements. Name knows not why he does things or why he thinks the way he does he just knows that he has no control over anything and he must now live with the situation he himself has imagined and now has become his reality.
The concept, as it unfolds takes you on Name's journey of discovery and self realisation.

In an excerpt from a recent interview Steve was asked:

Steve - where do you draw your influences?
I am influenced by things that do not exist yet. I am driven to create something new so I suppose my influences are change, diversity, creativity, forward thinking & originality. I have no interest in wanting to sound like anyone else or try to emulate the success of others.

Your music is very well produced. How do you bring it all together?
Thank-you, I have had to wear many hats and the production & engineering skills are my responsibility too. Sandbox keeps the entire process as simple as possible. Backing tracks, including samples & instruments, are tracked and then vocals are laid down. The next step is probably the most tedious & time consuming for me and that is getting the mix fine tuned.

Lastly, who is this Andy James who appears in your songs and where does he fit into the equation?
Ha ha ha ... Andy James is like the Jekyll & Hyde Bipolar friend that we all have that drinks too much and can't keep his hands off the ladies. Andy is the breath of fresh, beer laced air that blows through the Sandbox story for comic relief and a little reality check every now and then. He exists as a pressure relief valve to stop me taking it all too seriously.

Sandbox Theory's Second album Titled 'Mandelbrot' (released 6 months ago) was recorded at the Sandbox Studios and at BigEars Studio. The complete album and the individual tracks are available to download via iTunes & CDBaby:

Sounds like:
Peter Gabriel meets Led Zeppelin meets Kraftwork meets Tangerine Dream meets INXS meets Pink Floyd meets Alice in Chains meets SexPistols - meets the London Philharmonic - Rockin’ Burning and Teleporting into Hell!

People who made the recordings happen:
Steve Maher - Vox - Guitar/Keyboards
Jason Dallas Stenning - Vox
Oliver Spencer - Vox
David Pardy - Drums
Ian Smith - Guitar
Lennie Edgerton - Guitar
Shawn Lidster - Guitar
Alex Maher - Keyboards
Christine Maher - Spoken Dialogue
Hannah McCormack - Soken Dialogue
Rick Turk - Mixing and Production
Andy Sorenson - Mixing and Production
Andy James - Mischief & Skulduggery

To buy your physical CDs email: [email protected]

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