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Artists Name: Jon And Lynn
Official Site: www.myspace.com/jonandlynn and twt.fm/jonandlynn
Band Members:
  • Jon Burr — Bass
  • Lynn Stein — Vocal
Band Members:
Jon Burr - Bass
Lynn Stein - Vocals

Track List Thus Far:
Angel Eyes
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Never My Love
Untill (Sting)

Jon and Lynn have come together to take us on a Musical Journey some of us have never taken before!! You have all heard of Acoustic Guitar? Jon and Lynn spins a new twist on an acoustic performance with these absolutely brilliant Songs. Jon plays his beautiful Bass to Lynn's Velvet vocals. It is unmarred with background noise. It is pure. It is what a simple bass and a perfectly pitched vocal can do. They have shown single handedly how an uncomplicated arrangement can have a much bigger result. Together, Jon and Lynn, bring to us music reminiscent of days when simplicity and perfection were the go.
Jon Burr, Bassist , Composer, Band Leader and Producer, is a well known and successful music Professional. [www.jonburr.com] Jon has been bassist for groups like The Stephane Grappelli Trio, The Houstin Person Quartet and the Hot Swing Trio. Lynn Stein,an Artist, Painter, Curator and Artistic Director for Rockland Center For The Arts. (ROCA.org) [www.lynnstein.com] Two amazingly talented Individuals in their own right, came together at a small dinner party. Jon, the ever consummate professional, kept a Bass in the kitchen, so after dinner a jam session broke out around the kitchen table. This is how the formation of the Jon and Lynn Duo was born. Oh to have been a fly on the wall that night.
Jon and Lynn have chosen songs that touches the places inside of us that only a true musician attains. This project is unheard of in these times. A style that was much needed and missed. Not for the faint of heart in most musicians, as there is no room for error. Nothing to hide behind. Jon and Lynn were perfect for this project. They both are gifted and precise. Lynn's vocals are tantalizing, sexy and Pitch Perfect. Jon's work on the bass is nothing less than amazing. His fingers flying across the strings in perfect harmony. This Duo will have you lost within their world in no time flat.
I normally choose 3 tracks that stand out for me. In this case, all 5 hold this position. Lynn's voice still runs in my mind as I write this. Jon's bass playing on all 5 tracks is no less than stunning. You will not have a need for any other backup instruments or vocals. Lynn and Jon have a symbiotic relationship in this Fantastic Duo. They work off one another so easily. This is truely music the way it was meant to be.
If you have not had the opportunity to hear this Duo "Jon and Lynn" as yet. Give yourself the gift that will never stop giving. Contact Jon and Lynn , get these tracks!!
www.jonburr.com and www.lynnstein.com
Yours in the music
Indie Showcase

Added: 14/10/2009  
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