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Matt Muldoon
Artists Name: Matt Muldoon
Official Site: www.myspace.com/hoolymungo and www.hoolymungo.com
Band Members:
  • Matt Muldoon: Vocals, Guitar, Pedal and Lap Steel Guitars, Dobro, Fiddle, Ukulele
  • Mike Muldoon: Percussion
  • Sandra Spiegel: Vocals
Matt grew up in California listening to AM Radio in the late 60's and early 70's and watching television shows like Hee-Haw, Andy Griffith, Sonny and Cher, to name a few. His rich mixture of musical influences include "The Estrada Brothers," a Latin Soul band in which his father was the Conga player for several years, to Honky-tonk music blaring out of the Jukebox at the "Cabin Bar," a little Cafe Bar
(more of a Bar) where he and his friends would hang out as kids shooting pool and listening to Commander Cody and Hank Williams Sr.

Matt played lead guitar in a California based Garage Power Pop quartet called "Durango 95" in the mid 80´s. They recorded two records with Earle Mankey (A True Legend) producing. The first EP, "Dreams and Trains" was released on Line Records in Germany in 1987 as well as on Stonegarden Records in the States the same year. They had a strange sound, as there was always a touch of twangy guitar in there.

Matt first picked up a Lap Steel while playing with Durango 95. After moving to Germany, he built a Lap Steel which he played at his first paying gig and still has that! He started playing in a country band and soon after a pedal steel guitar found
its way to him, a fiddle followed, and so on... All in all Matt now plays Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Dobro, Guitars, Mandolin, Ukulele, Fiddle and more on
"Hoolymungo". He has always written music and started writing lyrics while playing with Durango 95, together with Frank Barajas, Russ Davis(Anguiano), and Chuck Herrera. He has always had a desire to play as many instruments as possible and credits that desire from seeing Bob Swandt play Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo and Mandolin at some of his Gigs in the Owens Valley California when Matt was a
child. What a sound!

So From Jazz to Bluegrass, from Garage Power Pop to Rock and Roll -- it´s all

"Hoolymungo" Highlights:
This recording features some very nice percussion work from Matts' brother Mike who toured and recorded with IZ Israel Kamakawiwo'ole and has many top notch credits to his name. Matt is featured on all of the stringed instruments (except track 4, that´s Regina Kraus on Violin). Sandra Spiegel has
done some wonderful background vocals too. Sandra and Matt have played together in a rowdy little country band called Canyon in Spessart for over 20 years now.

About this CD:
Let´s call it a Psychotic Piñata of World Pop
with a twist of Country Twang - it may best resemble a 1970´s film with Michael York and Angela Landsbury called “Something for Everyone” which was set in
Füssen and München. Now that´s Ironic. This CD is available on Amazon, iTunes, and Napster in Germany as well as directly at Hoolymungo Records. Matt is currently at work on his next solo CD.

"Hoolymungo" track listing and where each song fits in the "Psychotic Pinata".
Pop "Walking on a Summer Dream" Rock "Sometimes", "Hemlock Street"
World Pop "Born in the City of Angels", "Sitting in a Flat"
Psycho Latin Country "Beautiful Barstow", "They Won´t be coming Back"
Bavarian Hawaii Feeling "Summer Dream Outro" (Ukulele meets Tuba and
wander off into the German Alps)
Country "Talking ´bout Love"
Raveup "Standing in the Light"

Added: 31/03/2010  
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