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Jeff Kossack
Artists Name: Jeff Kossack
Official Sites: www.jeffkossack.com, www.facebook.com/jkossack and www.reverbnation.com/jeffkossack
Band Members:
  • Jeff Kossack
I am currently a member of the Tall Men Group, the TMG, consisting of the 5 guys I’d most like to go traveling with: Ed Tree, Jimmy Yessian, Severin Browne, Marty Axelrod, and John Stowers. Six songwriters, performing as a band, all playing on everyone’s songs , Nashville style... Help not Hurt is our unspoken musical motto... We just finished our inaugural tour, and we were well-received, so more touring and writing, along with a Tall Men Group album in 2013. Feels great to be a part of this outfit...

My new CD, countrysoul, is out in advance copy status, and will be released digitally in Spring of 2013... Only made a few copies for touring purposes. I believed that HalfLife, my LAST CD, would be considered my best work - a hard thing to suffer when there are still so many songs in my heart and head, yet to be written. That said, this album is decidedly different, but in many ways, decidedly better... Cut at my new studio, there is a closeness that reflects my new digs... Countrysoul, called that because in every song I’m writing or singing, you can always hear an element or two of country music... It’s in my soul... Please listen to songs from the CD on www.souncloud.com/jeffkossack

Here’s how it all started...

1992 - L.A. acoustic scene trying to find myself as an artist, hanging around places like the Cobalt Cafe, Highland Grounds, Genghis Cohen, Kulak’s Woodshed, and The Iguana Café. Some of the artists I performed with: Matthew Lee, Kathrin Shorr, Amilia K. Spicer, Earl Grey and the Hoodlums, as well as the Big Red Sky, all of whom went on to be National Academy of Songwriters honorees.

1993- I’ve had the good fortune to co-write the last charting single for Eddie Money, a track titled, “Fall in Love Again” with Bakersfield luminary, Monty Byrom, frontman of a band called Big House. Big House did a few sessions in my room at OtherHand Recording that recently ended up in NeverEnding Train, their DVD / CD release.

1995 - I love playing, so just doing my own music wasn’t enough... I taught myself to play percussion using a different kind of kit for the style I was into, and it all just worked out... Playing drums is my busiest gig these days.... Also, picked up the piano a few years back, and this is now my preferred instrument for writing.

Along the way, for 15 years, I was a proud member of Severin Browne’s First Friday Band, performing with Sev and crew onstage for 200 plus shows... Much of my musical life that followed sprung from these associations... Thank you, Severin...

My earlier works include: The Power of One (1998) , This Boy’s Life (2006) available on iTunes

2010 - HalfLife (2010), (on iTunes), is dedicated to love- past present and future, what of it I‘ve lived, and observed... HalfLife was pivotal for me - I wrote the actual track to honor the love shared by a close friend and his wife, as they lived her final months out together. I came-of-age with this work, both as a writer and producer, and as the result of learning so much along the way doing demos and making records for other artists. And the CD signaled a change in vocal style for me, as I began to work with Terry “T.Smidi” Smith, another L.A. writer / producer, who helped me get to my soulful self and get it onto my tracks. Thanks, T.

I have worked with a lot of artists over the years, most recently co-producing Severin Browne’s newest release, “Lucky Man” with Sev and Ed Tree... Additionally, I am producing a young artist, Nolan Garrett form Tacoma, Washington... Guitarist -songwriter, with all the guitar chops of a studio veteran... We are having a great time...

My band.... The OtherHand:

Yes I DO perform on all my songs, and my parts are what everybody plays TO in studio, but in the final mix, I am really just a grooving piano-guitar presence that happens to be singing...

This is a merging of such awesome talent... I rarely ever gig out with my band because the logistics of even the smallest show are tough with this many people... The lineup changes song-by song, but the core of the band for this CD is Ed Tree, David Daniel Diaz, Leo Valenzuela, and Mike Bisch .. One of the bigger joys of my life is making music, let alone making it alongside of these talented musicians and artists... Thank yous all around...

2013 is looking really great - Many opportunities for me, as I continue to perform with the TMG, get countrysoul into digital distribution, attend a few expos and events, something I've done VERY little of, ever. Mostly, I look forward to getting back into the studio to record my 5th CD, all of which is written, save for any blasts of brilliance I'm privileged to write along the way...

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