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Title: Adam Eckersley Band - A.E.B. (EP)
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                                                    Adam Eckersley Band
                                                       A.E.B. EP Review

 Location: Australia

Genre: Funk, Rock, Blues

EP - A.E.B.
Adam Eckersley Band Members:
Adam Eckersley (Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Songwriter)
Jason Bone (Saxophonist)
Rudy Miranda (Drums)
Ammiel Warner (Hammond Organ and Keyboard)
Scott Greenaway (Bass Guitar)

Track Listing for A.E.B.
1) - Drive It Home
2) - Hot In Here
3) - Jokers Smile
4) - I Surrender
5) - Love Strike

Australian born Adam Eckersley, formed the brilliant 5 piece Adam Eckersley Band early in 2010. Adam Eckersley, Jason Bone, Rudy Miranda, Ammiel Warner and Scott Greenway make up the A.E.B.. What a talented band line up. These are some of the hardest working musicians in Australia and have the most loyal of fans. From what I see in this little taster EP, for very good reason.

A.E.B. EP has 5 tracks, but they hit like a full bodied 15 track album. The level of expertise from these artists, is off the wall. The production is fabulous. The lyrics are well thought out, transporting the listener well within the story line of the songs. It just goes to show what one can accomplish when you have 5 people 100% bought in to the project.

Adam Eckersley has certainly exceeded expectations vocally. Fans would walk miles to watch him perform and this is why. Adam is not afraid to try something new, stretch himself and grow. This EP certainly proves that. The funk groove blues sound in these tracks will entrench themselves into your blood stream. You will still be humming the melody for hours after hearing them. Orchestration ... simply breathtaking. Its cool man.
In fact, I am still in the A.E.B. Zone !

With the A.E.B. EP having 5 tracks I will only single out one track but I have to say, I find that difficult to do. Each and every track on this EP is absolutely top notch. When you actually listen to the vocals, instrumentation, lyrics and hit the "A.E.B. Funk Zone" you will understand why. These tracks are hard to beat.

The track I have singled out is:

Hot In Here - I had to choose this track. It has a bluesy, funk, groove hard to ignore. Its a sexy track showcasing Adam Eckersley's strong vocal skills and fabulous guitar. Jason Bone kicks it on saxaphone and hey.. listen to that strong bass line.. played by Scott Greenway. Ammiel rips it up with the hammond & keys. And just so we all go home feeling satisfied, Rudy punches it up a notch with drums. Simply outstanding guys!

Every track on this EP shines. This is one of those few EP's you let play from front to back, then let it rip again. Each track is as good as the one before. It will be one of those EP's you still play in 20 years. This band has only just begun to amaze us. If you ever have an opportunity to see this band live, do it. Adam Eckersley Band Has a stage presence that is remarkable! Adam Eckersley holds us all in the palm of his hand. Definitely grab this EP for your music library!!

And that's just how I see it
Yours in the music
Shashona McCall
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